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SG300-28 SSH incoming packet was garbled on decryption

I use PuTTY to SSH into Cisco switches regularly. Today I ran into the message 'incoming packet was garbled on decryption'. I logged into the switch via HTTP and saw the uptime was 115 days. After seeing I could PuTTY into the SG-300-28P right above it, I just rebooted the bottom switch, and then PuTTY instantly connected via SSH and everything was fine. The connection settings were stored in a profile so the settings were fine. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever seen this. I am fine rebooting every 115 days if it happens again. FW is On a similar note, the Save icon quit blinking on the 28P right around the 115 day uptime mark. A reboot resumed the icon blinking. Not a huge issue, but when I see that I wonder what else the switch might be doing that I don't know about.

Another question is this: Is the SLM2024PT-NA  the same as a SG200-26?  I'm putting one in thursday and it will be my first of the 'smart' switch line. I ask because if I search for SLM2024 on Cisco's website I see another switch that was apparently made before the SG line came out, but it doesn't have the -NA suffix in its model.

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SG300-28 SSH incoming packet was garbled on decryption

Hello Mr. Hackbarth,

There is a known problem when OpenSSH has been built against an incorrect version of OpenSSL; that causes this error message. The quick workaround is to configure PuTTY to use SSH protocol 2 and the  Blowfish cipher.

  1. Go to Connection -> SSH -> Protocol options. Set “Preferred SSH protocol version:” to SSH version 2.
  2. Go to Connection -> SSH -> Encryption options. Promote  Blowfish to the top of the list of “Encryption cipher selection policy:”

I hope this infomation helps you.

Diego Rodriguez

Cisco network engineer

Thank you

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Re: SG300-28 SSH incoming packet was garbled on decryption

I realize this post is very old, but I am using solar winds n-central to use java remote into these switches.  I can remote with putty locally, but am receiving the error when trying to remote from their software.  It is a huge shot in the dark commenting here because it is likely the rmm software, but if anyone has run into this, I would love to know a work around.