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SG300 Not Forwarding to Default Route


I have an SG300 with fully functional VLAN routing between 4 VLANs that will not forward to the default route.


I am able to ping/traceroute to the default route IP configured on the SG300 of the switch from all VLANs, but when trying to access anything not directly connected to the switch the traffic is not forwarded to the default route.


I have run a tcpdump on the router and no traffic is seen when trying to access anything that should hit the default route.


I have routes for all of the VLANs pointing back to the SG300


All switch ports are configured as Trunk ports as they all go to either other switches or ESX servers that support multiple VLANs.


I also tried setting a static route to something on the other side of the router and that did not work either.  I have seen comments about the ports being configured as access vs trunk, does that make a difference?


I am sure there is some small check-box I am missing somewhere, Any help would be appreciated.


well.. thats great that your problem was solved. But the problem was not your switch :)

Best regards.
Jaderson Pessoa
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I tried moving everything to directly connected to the switch, eliminated all VLANs on interfaces that weren't being used, generally simplifying and cleaning everything up and it is exactly the same.  I wondered if maybe it was forwarding out the wrong interface somehow so I deleted the 'routing' VLAN from all interfaces on the switch other than the one it was needed on.  Still every thing the same.

Your problem is port 7 is defined as a trunk port.  It needs to be defined as an access port to force the switch to route.   You also need routing statements on the firewall to point back to the L3 switch for networks defined on the L3 switch which are not directly connected to the router/firewall.


I have this setup at my house using a SG300-28, RV340 router, and 2 WAP581 wireless APs for several years running fine. Soon to be a SG350 switch. I bought the switch but I have not had time to set it up.


I also have it running at a small business using an SG500X-24 switch in L3 mode with 19 Polycom phones running with autovoice VLAN.

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