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SPS224G4 crash on show run when features enables over SNMP



I got SPS224G4 switch, on which I enable LLDP protocol over SNMP (using snmpset).

Now I can't do "show run" in cli - it crashes, then reboots:

How to replicate:

console# delete startup-config


console# conf term

console(config)# snmp-server enable

console(config)# snmp-server community secret1 rw

console(config)# exit

console# write

>snmpset -v2c -c secret1 <switch_ip> i 1

CISCOSB-LLDP-MIB::rlLldpEnabled.0 = INTEGER: true(1)

console# show run
interface range ethernet e(1-24)
No18-Nov-2008 12:41:40 %SYSLOG-F-OSFATAL:


***** FATAL ERROR *****

SW Version  :
Version Date:  18-Nov-2008
Version Time:  12:38:16

Instruction            0x4D98F8
Exception vector       0x10
Program state register 0x60000013

*****************  SYSTEM RESET  *****************

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Any chance you can open a case?  You have already done an awesome job by documenting your lab and testing.

Many thanks

Andrew Lissitz

I don't have any support contract for this device - it's for my personal usage, so probably I can't. Maybe there is a FAQ or something on "open case" situation?

Is there a chance for new firmware? I have discovered even more SNMP bugs (this time with traps). I suppose that chances for a bugfix are very slim, but I always hope for the best



I'm sorry for the late reply, didn't see this post before.

The SPS switches just don't support LLDP.

There is no command for LLDP in CLI or the WebUI.

So what happens is, that the switch gets a config via SNMP that is enabling a feature that the switch does not support - so it sees an invalid config and goes into a re-boot to get this fixed.

So it is working as expected ;-)

LLDP-MED is supported by the 300 series switches.LLDP & LLDP-MED.

There are no plans to add this to the SPS switches.


Best Regards



Better late than never, but you answer in not correct.

SPS224G4 do support LLDP and got LLDP engine in current firmware. If you execute simple commands I provided you with on nearest linux/unix box running net-snmp package, you will get LLDP engine on switch running, you will see neighbours in appropriate snmp OID, and neigbours will see SPS224G4. Only thing that will not work is "show run". I agree with you that there is no command in cli, and there is just no such text strings to print on console in firmware.

But can't this be fixed? It's not THAT hard to add some stub or several text strings to cli, considering that LLDP engine is already there, it's properly exposed and configurable via SNMP, and just simply works. If it's possible to add text or bypass to this config section to prevent crashing on "show run".

Thanks in advance,



this feature is not supported by SPS.

Even if you can enable parts of it, this is not a supported feature.

We never advertized this feature and it is not part of the data sheet, the documentation etc.

So I'm sorry, but this is not a supported feature and we have no plans to change this in the future.


Best Regards


Yep, that is exacly what I was thinking year ago.

From technical and network engineering point of view, this feature is present and can be put to great use. But as official statement, it's should be there and, probably, sneaked into firmware build occasinaly

Considering 1 year timing between question and answer, I am no longer aiming to use this platform in the future anyway, but thank you for "unsupported" clarification. It would be nice of you if you can point me something where LLDP is officialy supported.


"It would be nice of you if you can point me something where LLDP is officialy supported."

The new Sx300 series switches support LLDP and as of the new firmware release (approx release May/June 2011) it will also support Textview (CLI) like the SPS switches amongst other features like CDP and Smartports.

For an overview of the Sx300 series switches, please visit the page below :

Does this seem like a switch that can meet up to your requirements ? Please feel free if you would have any additional questions.

Best regards,

Nico Muselle

Sr. Network Engineer - CCNA

Cisco Sofia STAC

Hey team, good evening.

VS - are you asking for a device that supports LLDP or that we state this somewhere in our docs?

As a FYI ...

I run LLDP in my network and have SPA500 and SPA300 series phones.  LLDP runs fine on the 300 series.  I advertise a voice vlan and everything works nicely together.

In case you were wondering about end point support ... most supported Cisco phones support LLDP, and for small business this includes the SPA500 and SPA300 series.  LLDP was added to the small biz phones in Dec last year with 7.4.7 release.

Of course many of our competitors phones also run LLDP ... so in this way, the 300 series switch series can be a single choice for a multi-vendor network should you have any questions related to that as well.

you can get rid of the restart when config is reading by either dropping config or you can configure it once more again.
or you can go by this way :
1. firmware downgrade to 1.0.2
2. drain the configuration switch to tftp server
3. configure downgrade once more again
4. pour config on the switch
5. restart it
after all this stuff your switch will not have problems with enable lldp option

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