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SRW 2008 MP VIOP and Web Interface


just installed a SRW 2008 MP instead of an unmanaged 10/100 Mbit D-Link Switch. Now the VOIP doesn't work anymore. If I place a call, it rings at the other side but when picked up no voice can be heard. The Web interface to set the switch up only works with Internet explorer, not with Firefox. It has been working yesterday (very slow though) but today it freezes up. Unplugged the switch to reset it. No improvement, comes up to the "Blue Welcome screen" and then freezes up. The switch can be pinged though and the internet is reachable through it.




now the webinterface seems to work after you fully reset the internet explorer. That thing is really exteremely finicky. Still haven't gotten the VOIP to work though.


Are you running firmware version 1.0.4? In the release notes for that firmware I found this:

The web management interface is best viewed using Internet Explorer 5.5 and up, with a resolution of 1024 x 768. In the current software version, certain pages cannot be viewed well using other browsers. It is recommended to apply the following workarounds.
Note: Internet Explorer web browser must be installed prior to running the following procedures.
-Using Mozilla Firefox Web Browser:
(a) Install Firefox "IE Tab" add-ons. The latest version is available on
(b) Select Tools --> IE Tab. Add in the IP address of switches to Sites Fitters
(e.g. “” accepts wildcard http://172.18.1.*).
(c) Ensure that cookies are enabled, by clicking "enable" to "All sites to set cookies"Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cookies.
-Using Netscape Web Browser: Click the icon in the left corner, and select "IE Display".

This may help with your viewability of the Web Interface.

Has the switch been set to factory defaults? I can't imagine why SIP makes it to its destination and the RTP does not, from a switching point point of view...

Are you using VLANs? What is broadcast/storm control set to? On, off? What is the threshold if it is enabled? Turn it off if it is on, see if you get results. If so, you can turn it back on and adjust the threshold up or, of course, just leave it off.


Thanks for the Info, as posted above I got the webscreen to work by resetting the Browser.

As far as voip goes, I was able to figure out: It's not the switch! I bypassed the switch and it still doesn't work. The setup is as follows: There is a DSL modem and router hooked to the phone line. This router also acts as a SIP Host. The router is in a DMZ. This DMZ is connected to the office network through a firewall router (which ist just a router and firewall that doesn't do NAT and blocks everything that tries to get from the DMZ into the office network but not vice versa) Now if I initiate a call from the phone on the office network it will go trough (so sip somehow works) but no sound (rtp seeems to be blocked by the firewall). It is strange though that the connection functions flawlessly if i register the phone directly at the provider and not at the router in the DMZ. Somehow the provice seems to use a technology which can tunnel the firewall between the DMZ and the office network.


Good work! Sounds like what you need is some port triggering. Is your border router an SBSC device? Keep us posted.