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SRW2024 no web gui

We have a brand new SRW2024 v1.3. It came with firmware 1.2.2b on it. I can get the login screen, but after authenticating, I don't see any info. I get the html frame information, but the individual frame pages are not displayed. I tried this with Firefox 3.5, IE 8, and Google Chrome, and on 2 different computers. I found a reference to changing the username from "admin," but that didn't help. I tried adding 2 other username, but neither one of those worked either.

The console connection works great. This is what I used to try and re-load the same firmware. I don't believe I can use firmware 1.2.2 and 1.2.2b is the latest available from

I can't figure out why this wouldn't work. We have 3 more of these at another site, but I won't have access to those until next week. Is there anything else I can try?



Aaron -

I think you are seeing two different issues.

1. It is a long-standing issue that SRW's do not work (usually) with Firefox.
   As you noted in another message, it seems to do with the Javascript/HTML content

2. As a sepearte issue, SRW's do not work well with IE8, since it uses too many connections
    at once.

I'd suggest either using IE7, or using IEtab inside Firefox - the Work-around you suggested. It seems
(I am guessing here) that you then get the small # of connections that FF uses to get the HTML
content to your PC, and the IE engine to render the content just brought in.

Good luck ...



Are there any new firmware since 1.2.2b (ls_106-12216.ros) available or under developement?

Thanks, A.

There are no new firmwares available as of yet, and we can't speculate on a release of a new version. Please check back periodically to make sure you have the latest version.

Are you experiencing the problem listed in this thread (or some other problem) or are you merely wanting a newer firmware?


Are you experiencing the problem listed in this thread (or some other problem) or are you merely wanting a newer firmware?

First part: yes, i've the same issue (blue screen only/fw1.2.2b SRW248G4), and "just" wondering if we can use the webgui to configure instead of booting windows, downgrade to IE6 or making modifications in registry. These are workarounds, but not solutions i guess. That's only why i asked for a newer fw.

Please check back periodically to make sure you have the latest version.


When you say "webgui" I think you mean the console interface, since you are not able to actually see anything in the web interface other than the blue screen. You have limited capability of configuring any of these small business switches simply because the target market is small business. Typically, small businesses do not have capital to spend on full time IT staff that will know how to manually configure a switch the way the enterprise devices are configured.

That being understood, Cisco/Linksys has written an graphical interface to issue the proper commands for the less experienced user (most of the time the business owner or "computer guy" in a small office). This helps lower the total cost of ownership for these devices since requiring full time staff to manage them is not necessary.

On to the "bug" issue. Even Cisco enterprise devices have bugs. This is known by anyone that purchases an enterprise device and also a smartnet contract. They (the customer) call with a problem, troubleshoot with a Cisco engineer, and if a software/IOS inconsistency is found (you call them bugs), then that information is sent to the developers to be corrected in the next IOS release. This is in NO WAY different from the way the small business switches you own are handled. The only thing is, you have different people handling the bug fixes.

The lower level (customer interfacing) people in Cisco, such as myself, do not have access to the developers that write the code. The only way for us to get these bugs to them, is to submit a trouble ticket/case. We field the call at the SBSC, if we cannot get the device to work then we send the case to another set of engineers that further review the case. They determine if it is a configuration issue and

a)if it is, it gets sent back to us with a "This is your problem..." message attached

b)if it is not a configuration problem, they then submit it to the proper group to be marked as a bug and then the bug is *sometimes* communicated to the SBSC

This is how/why the small business products are not as dynamically configurable via other means, and also why these switches can/are competitively priced when compared to the enterprise devices. The feature set along with the configuration options will determine the device class and price. The price of your device takes all of this into account as well as the development of the user interface.

I know what is coming, complaints about getting what you pay for, consistent firmware updates, etc.. I understand where you are coming from and we really are trying to get these issues FIXED; not just worked around. The only way we can gauge how many problems we are having, is getting cases opened and sent to the people mentioned above.

Thank you for taking the time to report your problems here, and these forums ARE monitored by every department in Cisco. I assure you, your complaints are heard and taken seriously.


Hi Bill,

thanks for the reply. I really understand that small business products are for small business and not acting like higher brand cisco products like catalyst switches with great ioses. I think you have posted before, that newer firmware is under developement...

That's all. No complaints, just questions. The only thing I cannot understand is this:

I understand where you are coming from

(Please note that i might misunderstood your words, i'm not a native.)

Adam :)

The part you highlighted is just a common american phrase that suggests that I have been in the place ( with the same problem) you are now, so I am able to view the problem exactly as you are.


P.S. That answer wasn't just for you, but for the rest of the posters in this thread.

So Cisco's been aware of the bug since November 2009 (or probably sooner) yet there's no fix in August 2010.

Nice work guys! Sounds to me that there aren't going to be any fixes other than cramming Trend Micro foistware onto the firmware. No thanks.


regarding to the official Cisco tech support (what comes out of my discussions with them),

all the discussed bugs (see also bugs regarding SGE2000 with stack routing issue and ACL editing issue) are

not considered critical, and there are no plans to fix anything in the nearest time.


That won't stop me from calling on Monday.  I've just taken on a dentist's office that has one of these (SRW2048 actually) and was waiting to try to get into it again on Monday, while the dentist is on vacation and the office is closed.  That way, I have a week to fix things if I mess them up.  My previous attempt was before I spent time studying here.

With Internet Explorer 8 not working without the hack (which I've done, fingers crossed that it will work) and IE Tabs not supporting the current version of Firefox, Cisco provides no workable solution.

If they truly don't want to support the products, I suggest they swap them out for something that they will support.

Please, report here the status of the case.

I intend to post here.

I also decided on one more backup emergency fix I'm going to have at hand, but it's utterly unacceptable for Cisco to expect that everyone can do what I'm going to.

Just in case the Internet Explorer 8 hack doen't work for me (this office is a 45 minute drive each way in traffic) I'm going to also bring my MacBook Pro, upon which I have Parallels.  Later today, I'm going to use it to set up a Virtual Machine running Windows XP SP1, which will give me a "compatible" version of IE.  I know that will work; it just really annoys the heck out of me that the SWR2048 has taken so much time and extra effort for us to support because Cisco apparenty cant be bothered, for a CURRENT PRODUCT!


I, too, ran into this problem today. All you have to do to get it working in IE8 is click the Compatibility View button. It's right next to the address bar.

I find it fitting that the icon on that button is a broken page!


Just run into this problem as well.  Followed the instructions in the manual, which I've just downloaded:-

"Open your web browser and enter into the Address field. Press the Enter key and the login screen appears."

What they don't seem to tell you, is that you need to dig out an old windows machine and do it on there.  We left windows after the Vista debacle and now we all just use Macs, OSX and Safari.  However, Linksys, or should I now say Cisco, don't use that and therefore their hardware doesn't work ;-(

We bought it, because it was meant to be the best.....

Very Disappointed,


I've got an SRW248G4 Firmware 1.3.0 and can't use Web interface with any of the usual browers: IE9, Chrome 13, Firebox 3.6/5.0.

It's not a Web interface

This MUST be fixed, or the switch replaced !