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SRW224G4P Inter-VLAN Routing

I can't for the life of me get this figured out.  I would like to setup a PC VLAN (10), a SIP VLAN (20), a SERVER VLAN (30), in addition to the default VLAN 1 that's built into the switch.  I've read every article on here I can find and can not get anything to work.  I have Aastra IP Phones that I setup with a VLAN ID of 20 for their LAN Port, and a VLAN ID of 10 for their PC Port.  The computer is daisy chained through the phone which plugs directly into the POE switch.  Once I save that configuration I lose all contact with the phones and they can no longer reach the DHCP server for example, nor their IP Phone server.  I've tried every combination of Trunk and General and I haven't seen anything that is specific for my switch and that seems to work.  Can someone give me some insight into the steps I need to take because from all i've read I had it configured correctly but nothing worked.  I am ready to start from scratch if someone can lend me a hand.


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Re: SRW224G4P Inter-VLAN Routing

Did you configure both VLANs correctly on the phones?

Do you have a DHCP server in each VLAN?

Is the PC working when chained through the phone?

Is a phone (alone, without VLAN configuration) on an access mode VLAN 20 port working correctly?

Is a PC on an access mode VLAN 10 port working correctly?

Did you trunk all your VLANs to your router?

What router do you use? Is it a VLAN router?


Re: SRW224G4P Inter-VLAN Routing


I have reverted everything back to factory defaults so I can start over.  Here's what I am going to do and where I need help.

Default VLAN will be 1.

SIP VLAN will be 10.

PC VLAN will be 20.

I have everything setup on a separate switch from my regular network so I can get this working before migrating from the old switch to the new switch.  There is no DHCP server, and for this test, everything will be hardcoded to be on the same subnet.  It is also my understanding that there's a way to put each VLAN on it's own subnet and further segment the traffic.

1) Create VLAN 10 and VLAN 20 in Linksys switch.

2) Configure phone for LAN port to be on VLAN 10 and PC Port to be on VLAN 20.

Now once I do this, I have to configure the switch.  This is where i'm lost because I can't ever get it to work.  I'm trying to determine if i've got the wrong hardware to support this.  I thought with this switch that I wouldn't need a router on every VLAN and that the switch would relay traffic between VLANS as needed based on whose on what port and their IP and their VLAN.


Re: SRW224G4P Inter-VLAN Routing

1. The SRW224GP4 is a layer 2 switch. It does not route between VLANs. The switch will never pass traffic from one VLAN to another VLAN. To do that you'll need a router. For a layer 2 switch each VLAN is basically like a separated physical LAN.

2. Each VLAN should always use a unique IP subnet.

3. It is unclear to me what you try with your test setup. You don't mention any servers or similar. What functions do you test and how?

4. If you configure your phone to use VLANs 10 & 20 you should configure the port connecting to the phone into trunk mode and make VLAN 10 and 20 member of that port. That setup will use 802.1q tags for all traffic on VLAN 10 & 20, i.e. your phone must only accept tagged traffic from/to the switch.

5. In case the phone uses only one VLAN tagged and the other untagged you'll need a different configuration. For instance, if your phone only tags VLAN 20 traffic, you would need General mode. Make VLAN 10 untagged member and VLAN 20 tagged member. Remove the default VLAN 1 if possible. Set the PVID to VLAN 10. With this configuration the switch will transfer VLAN 10 untagged and VLAN 20 tagged to your phone. Check the documentation of your phone to find out how it works exactly.

Re: SRW224G4P Inter-VLAN Routing

I did this once on a similar switch for the LVS (SPA9000) project, but it is not accurate anymore for LVS I am sure, however, I did this VLAN Trunk setup as the good advise you got here described, which can be confusing without a picture, so I drew one too,,,, Maybe it would help.



Re: SRW224G4P Inter-VLAN Routing

So it sounds like if I have a router that will do the Inter-VLAN routing then I can make this work.  Any recommendations?

Re: SRW224G4P Inter-VLAN Routing

2 are recommended in that doc.....