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SRW248G4 Issues


We're having severe issues with our SRW248G4's

1. Web interface is extremely flaky, often failing to completely load and requiring a refresh to finish

2. Web interface is IE5.5 to 7 not IE8 or a useful browser (Firefox), It did work in IE8 with firmware 1.2.1b but upgrading to the latest 1.2.2b breaks IE8 support.

3. The CLI doesn't give access to all the available options  - if it did the none-working web interface wouldn't be an issue.

4. No checking on correct firmware type - managed to instal the 1.2.2a firmware which faulted and required transferring 1.2.2b over XMODEM

5. Two ports have their link lights stuck on - even through a reboot and nothing plugged into them.

6. Ports seem to be flaky, sometimes dropping out - our NMS is picking up lots of hosts which disappear then reappear within seconds on a network which isn't very busy.

Basically, from somthing pitched at a small business class device, this is pathetic. I had expected better.

If i were advising another small business who couldn't afford proper Cisco kit, i'd say go for netgear or similar.

Cisco, either ditch this crappy Linksys product line or fix it's faults!


Hello Dave,

I'm sorry your're having issues with the product, please be assured we're willing to help you on this matter.

Can you please try to apply a browser fix, as described in the attachment? After changing the registry, please clear the cache of your browser and restart your PC.

Regarding point 5, it looks like an ASIC defect. Can you please do a factory reset of the switch throught the console connection and test if you have the same symptoms, without connecting any devices. If so, I would advise to RMA the unit. You can contact our support center by these phone numbers:

Please let us know if this helps you somehow



Hi Janis,

What is the most reliable/appropriate way to backup the configuration of one switch and restore it onto another? I have to migrate all the hosts on the switch i'm having issues with before i can do a factory reset.



For anyone else reading this, I can confirm that the IE8 workaround fix will resolve the JavaScript error found in firmware version 1.2.1b. If you were getting a blue blank screen with the Linksys header/footer loading only then this will solve it.

I have it loading through IE Tab in firefox and auto switching based on the dns/url for the switch. Both 1.2.1b and 1.2.2b are working reliably this way.

It is however, not a fix, but a workaround, a fix would see the web-config working across any platform out of the box.

Ok, since it's backup day and i'm in the office anyway (on a Saturday!) i thought i'd see if i can get anywhere with these issues.

I used the web interface to backup the config (startup-config) and the plan was to restore this onto the second switch (running 1.2.2b) but there is no auto upgrade procedure in the config - restoring the config from the 1.2.1b switch just reset switch 2 back to factory. I had to migrate the config manually. Luckily it was just some access port VLAN settings, but easily could have been a big pain.

I have then upgraded switch one (the problematic one - which incidentally, has lost another 4 ports) to 1.2.2b. Now the web interface refuses to work properly - i just get a big blank blue screen. Switch 2 however, on the same firmware is working fine.

Ok, i hard-rebooted the switch (unplugged the power) and reset my browser cache, now the web interface is working for both switches.

5 link lights are now permantly stuck on, about to try a factory reset.

Just noticed these two errors on the problem switch log

%ERHG-F-SEND: BOXP_perform_smi_scan_of_devices_in_slot: invalid device type is found: 4523 on device 4  ***** FATAL ERROR *****  Reporting Task: ROOT. Sof tware Version: 1. 2. 1b (date  31-Aug-2006 time  13:47:21)  ***** END OF FATAL ERROR ***** 

%SYSLOG-F-OSFATAL:   FATAL ERROR: GOAH: ABORT PREFETCH exception   ***** FATAL ERROR *****  SW Version  :  1. 0. 0. 24 Version Date:  31-Aug-2006  Version Time:  13:47:21 Instruction            0x6f743d3c Exception vector       0xc  Program state register 0x60000033 ***** END OF FATAL ERROR ***** 

Factory reset has no effect, it's going for RMA.

Other threads on SRW* switches issues are:

Cisco, FIX THOSE BUGS!!!!!

     Cisco, FIX THOSE BUGS!!!!!

               Cisco, FIX THOSE BUGS!!!!!
                              Cisco, FIX THOSE BUGS!!!!!

We had a batch of units that shipped out with faulty components in side of them. Units are tested before they ship from manufacturing but in every case the components fail in the field sometime after this. If anyone is seeing symptoms like ports dying or LEDs stuck in the ON position, please call support and get an RMA. We do not see the problems outside the faulty batch.



Let's not get carried away -

IE8 Support:

The SRW's have been out for a long time, and their web support was written for IE5; As it turns out IE8 has a non-backward-compatible

change - so no wonder the SRW's do not properly suport it. It is not so much of a bug as a need for a  newer  firmware version to adapt to this
change. How many unmodified circa 2006 web-sites support IE8? And while we are at it, if you look into this, you will see that what happens
in IE8 is that it opens 10 simultaneous HTTP connections by default (over a single TCP session). in an attempt to get more download speed.
all well and good - but it directly violates the HTTP standard, which only allows a maximum of 4. I am not suggesting SRW should not support IE8,
but I think we shopuld take these facts into consideration , and tone down the discussion.

One port in many VLANs etc.:

I posted a long explanation of this (follow your own link and look at my added response toi the thread) which I will not repeat in full. Bottom line is that the SRW's implement VLANS correctly, and it is the original poster who simply did not understand what can be done and how.

(The one point I will grant is tat in trunk mode in most Cisco switchwes the port is automatically associated with any non-forbidden VLAN, and in SRW this is a manual operation.  You CAN get the same functional result, but it takes more work)

I think i've calmed down somewhat since the initial incident - i was running around trying to find the source of all these problems we've been having - one of the switches killed a RS232-Ethernet adaptor we have on our network, so i'm having to RMA that too...

As RE IE8 - ok these switches may have been around a while, but they are still part of the supported, current product line. I'd understand that arguement if it was a discontinued product, and while IE8 violates the standard, theres been no word on a firmware update which addresses this issue as well as support across other browsers.

If Cisco turned around today and said the web interface will permanantly disabled in the future and it all will be done through CLI menu's then i'd be very happy, even if it means going and plugging a console cable into the back of it every time i needed to change somthing.

RE one port in many VLANs, as far as i'm concerned that's a none problem, i configured the trunk ports without having to read the manual or anything so to me, that's all working as its supposed to.


It seems that Cisco already works on a new firmware for SRW* switches, and IT IS GOOD =)

please read these answers:

Hope, they'll correct some of or all the problems...



Model NameSRW248G4
Hardware Version00.03.00
Boot Version1.0.2
Firmware Version1.2.3.0


IE8 bug fiixed in registry

Ошибку с IE8 исправил в реестре.

But, still many bugs.

Но, еще осталось много ошибок.

Is there a new firmware, where these bugs are fixed?

We don't have any systems running IE8 anymore.  In IE9 even in compatibility mode I get no gui at all.  What can I do?

Also all the links above are dead.  Where do I get the latest firmware?