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Sx300 switches: where is the changelog?

Hello there.

I may be dull, but I couldn't find it on my own. Hence, I would like to know where can I find the changelog for the firmware. Or at least get some information here


Chris Weir

If you're dull, then so am I .  Looks like Cisco are just slow again.

Don't know why they would want to post the new firmware with no release notes.  Suspect it may be because the last release ( was a bit buggy, and they had to get a fix out quick.

I've loaded on a couple of my SG300-10s, and so far it looks good.  Haven't discovered any new functionality on the web UI or CLI so far. 

It would be nice if Cisco could bundle the release notes with the frmware in a zip file, as most other switch manufacturers do. 

Chris: Thanks for the follow-up. Actually, I initially made the same assumption concerning this release. I still hope I was wrong.

Nonetheless, I would not install a new firmware without a changelog. Already done that in the past, with failures.

Concerning new features, did you check the CLI too? For instance the default output format of show run which was utterly broken or at least weird on compared to classic IOS catalyst switches.


Yes, as I said I've had a look through both the web UI and CLI, and can't see any changes.

The output from show run looks like the config file to me - but I didn't try it on

I've got over 30 SG300s here (it's our standard desk-top switch) and I've got a couple on my desk (one purely for testing purposes) so luckily I can afford to install the firmware for evaluation purposes.  As you will have discovered with, having the release notes is no guarantee that the firmware is reliable

My guess is that the CLI won't have visibly changed, since the CLI guide was CLI_Guide_300_v1.1.pdf I don't suppose we'll get a new one until the firmware goes to 1.2.x.x

My bad. And yes, having test gear would be great, except that I only own one SF300-24 at this time. But you are right about the reliability . I'll give it a test tonight, but only after configuring a 2950 as a failover


Good news - the release notes are out now

Bad news - there's virtually nothing in the way of bugfixes, or new features.  Just a long list of "Limitations and Restrictions" - i.e. largely things that don't work properly - "carried over" from release  Oh joy.

My own experience to date is that v. is much better and more stable than and I suspect that Cisco are just keeping quiet about some bugfixes for reasons best known to them...

Hello Romain and Chris

The latest firmware does have a small list of changes. The biggest change is of course the option to downgrade to the older firmware version 1.0.x

I feel that the 1.1.x verison is a great improvement so I can not see why someone would want to but it is now there.

The next big change is for switches running for 50+ days. In some cases the switch would stop (re)learning MAC addresses. You should now be able keep the switch up without any problems.

The last change is more of an added feature. For simplicity I have copied it directly

Addressed Ethernet interoperability issues with other devices.

- Negotiation command was modified to add an option that allows you to

configure a Gigabit Ethernet interface to operate in either preferred

master or preferred slave mode during negotiation. The option may help

you to resolve interoperability issue that may arise with other device.

The default mode is preferred slave mode.

- The command was modified as follows:

negotiation [capability [capability2... capability5]] [preferred {master |


I hope this helps clarify any questions you might have had.

Chris: Thanks for the follow-up!

Robert: Thanks for providing this information, I think it will be useful to others. I think my question is answered now

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