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VLAN trunking newbie SRW208MP to SRW2008MP

Hello All,

Just need a simple setup - 2 VLANs, a few ports each, on each unit, trunked together (ultimately on SFP module). Tried what seems to be right but (natch) not working. Just need simple guidelines to see where am going wrong. Thanks!

Glenn Quesenberry
Cisco Employee


     Here's a link to some of our technical documentation concerning setting up VLAN trunking.  Check this page here and see if this gets you pointed in the right direction.

Best Regards,

OK, that example has some issues, but I think I see what is being done. Pretty much what I had set up, but will compare closely...

One additional question though. In the example, a one-port LAG is used as an alternative.

Is there an advantage (OR difference) to doing so or is it just being used to illustrate how to set up the multi-port LAG as well?

I realize that the GUI examples used there are a bit dated but I think you should still be able to use them for comparison in your specifric switches.  As far as the LAG example is concerned, I think it was used to show that a single port LAG can serve the same purpose as a typical Trunk port; passing all VLAN traffic between the two switch ports.  Of course typically LAGs would be used for multiple ports between switches instead of just one.  The theory is the same however.

Best Regards,

OK, well, using that example, as well as another thread here (Cisco SLM224P

VLAN TRUNKING), I reset and redid all the VLAN related settings.

There are 2 subnets in play here - - VLAN 1 - Used as the Management VLAN. - VLAN 5 - A subnet for Wireless LAN POE connection and management.

And 2 switches -

198 is a SRW208MP, remote unit. will have single WAP and various devices.

199 is a SRW2008MP, at head end near subnet(s) source. Will have up to 4 WAPs and the

connections required to provide for both subnets.

For purposes of discussion, the planned fiber SFP interconnect is being played by a copper trunk.

Setups follow:

198 VLANs-

198 Port Setting-

198 Ports to VLAN 1-

198 Ports to VLAN 5-

198 VLAN to Ports-

Unit 2 - 199

199 VLANs-

199 Port Settings-

199 Ports to VLAN 1-

199 Ports to VLAN 5-

199 VLAN to Ports-

The configuration as posted does not provide the expected results.

I am convinced I am overlooking something simple. Usually is!

The net results are that the Management VLAN (1) is present and accounted for on both switches, but that could even be because they are acting as switches do.

The VLAN 5, however, does not function at either end. The 'Local' switch, 199, shows traffic on the WAP ports but no traffic of any consequence is traversing and the WAPs are nonresponsive.

Ditto Remote switch. Management VLAN yes, 5 VLAN no.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.