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Important Update to Automatic Software Download Feature for RV Series Routers


Change in ASD Automatic Software Download Feature

Dec 13th, 2019

Cisco RV160, 260, 340, and 345 Series Routers  

Due to an API change in Cisco’s software download platform the Automatic Download Feature (ASD) on RV series routers will be temporarily unavailable starting Jan 31st, 2020. Cisco is working on an update to re-enable this feature.

We will keep you posted when this feature will be available again. It is important to know that after January 31st, 2020 to upgrade the firmware to a new version a manual upgrade will be required even if ASD has been turned on.

You would need to download the firmware and store it on your local hard drive of your  PC or USB stick. 

From there you can update the RV router using the GUI. Alternatively if you use FindIT Network Manager you can do it from there.


This is effective for firmware versions:

RV340, RV340W, RV345, RV345P: firmware and earlier

RV160, RV160W, RV260, RV260W, RV260P:  firmware and earlier


Sorry for the inconvenience and we will update this post when we have more news.



It is 6/3/2020 not fixed in version1.0.00.17.