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How to activate the SPA504G contact search function


Hi everyone, I hope this is the right section to post my question.
I have a customer, who owns many Cisco SPA 504G, authenticated to a 3CX v.18 server in the cloud.
The customer wants to keep these phones, and actually everything works fine, everything except 3CX's shared phone book.
The 3CX server supports a phonebook.xml file in https protocol only, while SPA504G phones only accept xml url in http protocol (when I enter the URL with https it goes into error, if there is a way to get https URLs accepted tell me please)
To help me, the software developer in the company has recreated a phonebook.xml file on a local server under HTTP protocol. The address book is now correctly opened by all ip phones, and we are able to browse it and incoming calls are associated with contacts; Unfortunately, however, the "search" function key is totally missing, by opening the personal directory of the single ip phone the "search" key is present, while opening the shared directory the key disappears. I guess we need create a code that activates the search among the contacts (the phonebook.xml of 3CX has this function active) but I don't know what the code or the instructions to be given in the xml file are.
Can anyone give me some advice on this please?
I am really very grateful to you
Thank you all

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