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Shared Line Configuration Issue

I currently have a client with a UC520 ( I know what your all thinking... ) that is having an issue with the shared lines on there phones. The Main BTN points to shared line Ex 2075, that hunts to shared line Ex 2076 and the to shared line Ex 2077.  The Ex 2077 hunts to VoiceMail. There are about 5 phones with this shared set of lines.


The problem arises when the first caller comes into the Receptionist and is picked up, then the second caller comes in and the other phones only see the first call and the Receptionist is the only one that can answer the call by placing the first caller on hold.


What we would like to happen is that each shared line only allows one caller per line and that the next call hunts to the next shared line and so on. Cant seem to get it to work in this fashion?


I've attached the config file as well.

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Checking back to see if anyone can help me on this one. It appears that the UC520 shared line acts differently than in just a regular CME deployment. Please offer up any help you may have.

I am using a 2811 and found that configuring the ephone-dn as an octal-line solved my problems.

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