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Cisco UC540 - Problems accessing GUI and configuring ( POE ports and Wifi -inactive)


I have bought  a second hand cisco UC540 which states that it came from a working environment so I am assuming  that this is still configured to work on the previous network. My issue is that the POE ports (tough they do light up when the UC 540 is switched on) 1-8 appear to be inactive / switched off  when connected to directly via pc or a phone is connected nothing happens. The only port which seems to show some sign of activity is the WAN port when connected to but I cannot get a valid IP or anything . Is this normal in a pre-configured system ? And what can I do in order to configure it ? Is there an easy way to reinstate it to factory default assuming that I know very little about cisco and CLI . I tried using CAA but since the 1-8 poe ports seems to be disabled I could not get CAA to establish a connection. Any help / suggestion / advice is much appreciated.

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