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SPA504G activation



I was trouble activating multiple Cisco 504G phones, however, I was able to get the phones activated multiple times. 

Here are the steps that I followed:
1. Factory Reset phone.

2. Check firmware. Update to firmware 7.5.2b if the firmware is lower than 7.5.2b.

3. Update to firmware 7.5.7. Reboot manually through the display. - Will the activation work on firmware versions higher than 7.5.7?

4. Log in to the web GUI and point the endpoint to 8x8's configuration server

- Admin Login > Advanced > Provisioning > Configuration Profile

- Profile Rule:

- Profile Rule B:$MA.cfg

5. Set NTP server. 

6. Set timezone and manually adjusted the time.

7. Let the phone sit for at least an hour. After that, reboot the phone. Pick up the handset. Listen for IVR to ask for activation. - Why does the phone take an hour in order for the provisioning to complete? I noticed waiting an hour is key for activation. Any ideas why?

Glenn Martin
Cisco Employee

Thanks for sharing!! This will be extremely helpful!.




Dan Lukes

SPA504G needs no activation to work. It just needs to be configured. Its about step 4 of your recipe. You ordered the phone to fetch configuration from and$MA.cfg

The critical question is - did phone fetched the configuration as requested ?

It's up to you to verify - just read phone's configuration. Is it configured for 8x8 service ?

If not, why (check phone's syslog and debug messages) ?


If the phone is properly configured, we can continue.


Configured phone will REGISTER to designated SIP proxy. Check line status. Is registered ? If not, why (check phone's syslog and debug messages) ?


If phone is registered correctly, we can continue.


Pick up the handset. Based on your description I assume the phone has been configured to dial a IVR phone automatically. Despite you didn't dialed number manually, it's still just standard SIP call. Did the call setup completed successfully ? If not, why (check phone's syslog and debug messages, also check SIP packets to observe proxy's response).


If phone can call successfully,the phone configuration is done and working.


Now you can use IVR to activate 8x8 service. This step have nothing to do with phone - it's activation of VoIP provider service unrelated to phone. Is the activation successful ? If not, why (ask service provider for reason) ?


If yes, activation is done.


OK - so back to your original question. I'm unsure you are waiting a hour for activation. May be you are waiting for configuration. Or for registration. Unless you identify what the phone is waiting for, we can't identify the cause and advise further steps.