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UC540 Voicemail box not set up from SOME DID callers.

Hello, I am looking for some direction on what I should look at next regarding an issue with voicemail on a UC540. Here is the scenario;


I have an employee who has an internal extension with a mailbox attached and a DID, all assigned to a 525G2. When he calls his DID with his cell phone and does not answer, he gets a message stating that the user (himself) has a mailbox that has not been set up yet. If I call his DID from my cell phone and he does not answer, my call goes directly to his mailbox as it should. I have verified that I can leave a voicemail and that he can retrieve it. If we call his internal extension from any other Cisco phone and he does not answer, they are also sent to voicemail. 


In addition, I know of one other outside caller who always get the mailbox not set up message when calling this employees DID. It just seems very odd that this happens 100% of the time to these outside numbers when calling the DID yet I get his voicemail as I should 100% of the time.


Here is what I have tried;


-I verified that the Incoming Dial Plan (Direct Dialing) contains the area code and that he was dialing the area code when calling it just like I was.

- I tried removing and re-adding the Incoming Dial Plan (Direct Dialing).

-I tried removing the employees UC account and mailbox and re-adding both.

-I verified that the users settings under Users and Phones has the following set; enable voicemail set to true, block restricted numbers set to false, call forward busy and call forward no anser are set to the voicemail extension, pstn number shows the employees configured DID.


I am kind of at a loss for what to look at next considering it works every time for some callers yet not at all for others.