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4410n Repeater behaviour

Hi All,

I have got 2 x 4410n and I have them setup as 1 x AP mode and 1 x Repeater (connected to a firewall just out of the box).

Can I confirm the following -

For the 4410n AP - I have to select Acces Point and then tick allow wireless signal to be repeated by repeater.

For the 4410n repeater - I have to set Wireless Client\Repeater and tick allow wireless station to associate - (insert mac and ssid)

This is what I have set at this moment the SSID and the WEP encryption are identical along with the channel.

How do I know which WAP I am connnected too?

I dont seem to be able to connect to the AP but I can connect to the repeater - why is that?

I can ping both the AP and repeater but can connect only to the GUI on the repeater.


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Re: 4410n Repeater behaviour

It it any particular reason why you have the second ap in client/repeater mode. Depending on how far apart the AP's . I would put the second ap in repeater mode. If you are going to be moving files with in that one AP between clients then i would run it in client/repeater.


Re: 4410n Repeater behaviour

You mean Wireless WDS repeater?

Anyway I no longer need the WAP in repeater mode as I can physcially connect it to a switch.

On another note the AP appears to be working fine in B/G/N mode all clients can connect but users using wireless N compatible NIC's only connect at approx 54Mbps

Any thoughts?

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Re: 4410n Repeater behaviour

Try changing the wap4410n to only except N speeds and see if your clients are able to connect at that point.

This is just a test to see if the client will even negoitiate at N Speeds. 



Re: 4410n Repeater behaviour

I set the WAP  to N only and On the 3 x Dell machines they wouldnt connect but I connected sucessfully using a external USB Linksys N Wireless adapter WUSB300N it connected for a few mins and dropped off again -

I have now set this back to B/G/N as this is how I propose to roll this out (as there are alot of legacy clients)

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Re: 4410n Repeater behaviour

If you have updated to the latest firmware on the wap4410n, and it's connected hard wired to a switch and all your clients have latest drivers for the nic's

then this would lead me to believe that you have a hardware issue with the wap4410n and it needs to be replaced. You can give SBSC a call at 1-866-606-1866 to process an rma.



Re: 4410n Repeater behaviour


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