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Can WRV210 be used as wireless AP?

Hi all,

I inherited this device and wanted to use it in my home network which has a Cisco router that provides DHCP leases to all network devices, as well as acting as an ADSL modem connected to my ISP.

When I connectec the Cisco WRV210 to the router, it doesn't request an IP even if I turn off DHCP in its menu.

I've tried connecting it via its WAN or LAN ports, Ive changed the mode between gateway and router, and have tried a factory reset, but its always the same.

I have heard about putting the router into a bridged mode  first but also heard that will make the connected device have a direct connection to the Internet and was worried about my router access control lists being bypassed.

Any help appreciated.


Hi At, the easiest way to deal with this is as such-

Configure the WRV210 on the same subnet as your gateway router

Disable DHCP on the WRV210

Set up the SSID and security you like

Connect a LAN port of the WRV210 to a LAN port of your gateway router

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-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the response.

I had previously set up the Cisco WRV210 as you described, but for some reason, wifi hosts aren't being forwarded IP leases.

Currently I am using a wifi router running dd-wrt firmware as an access point. It is set up to forward DHCP requests to my Cisco 1801 router and this works correctly with WiFi connections receiving an IP.

When I replace the dd-wrt router with the Cisco WRV, using the same ports and with the WRV on the correct subnet, it won't forward on the DHCP requests.

Does the WRV work in this way, or does it expect a certain type of modem connection on its WAN port?

Or do I have to use this bridged mode setting on the 1801 router?



Hi AT, you do not use the WRV wan port at all. Only the lan ports.

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-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts

Hi Tom,

I've actually tried both WAN and LAN ports with the same result.

My thinking is that the WRV doesn't work the way I would like as an access point that forwards DHCP requests received over wifi to a server on a wired ethernet connection.

I believe it uses a modem plugged into the WAN port as a gateway to the Internet, and does the DHCP stuff itself.


I'm trying to do this too.

Setup>Basic Setup>Local IP Address>, if the "gateway" router subnet is 192.168.0.X

Setup>Basic Setup>Local DHCP Server>Disable

Connect Ethernet from "gateway" router to a LAN 1-4 port, not the single Ethernet/Internet port that would normally go to a cable or DSL modem.

What should the setting be for

Advanced Routing>Operation Mode> Gateway or Router

If Router, what should the setting be for

Advanced Routing>Dynamic Routing (RIP) be?