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Captive Portal Guest Login redirecting not working in mobile


I am currently working on creating a guest login. I am using WAP 571 Cisco device. I created the SSID with guest authentication.

i am having issues.

1. When the user connect with guest-wifi it should redirect to my custom page in where i welcome the user.I have added the redirect url in the captive portal but in android/mobile devices it is not redirecting. It is just connecting to the wifi.





Sujoy Paria
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


You may cross verify the Captive Portal settings on the WAP571 once following the below mentioned link…

Then disable the ‘Mobile Data’ option on your Mobile, clear the browser cache on your mobile. After that connect the Wi-Fi (SSID with guest authentication) and try to access any public website using the web browser mentioned above, you are suppose to get the authentication page you have created on the Captive Portal configuration. Make sure you have the Internet connectivity available on the SSID you have configured for the guest authentication. Also, please make sure the WAP571 is updated with the latest firmware version

Hi Thanks for your reply.

I have followed the steps you shared thanks for that.

When i connect to the wifi it redirects me to the CISCO page where i can see a username field with connect button. Once i type the username and accept connects it connected to the internet. But it is not redirecting to the redirect URL i have added in the Instance Configuration.

Any idea?

For your information. It is redirecting in laptop device. but not in mobile devices. 
If i enable the global radius. From where i can get the Server IP and Key. What is that? How i can get these?


Hi, Please verify the parameter ‘Redirect URL’ once. Enter the URL (including http://) to which the newly authenticated client is redirected.

HI i verified the Redirected URL is with the http://