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Captive Portal Guest Login redirecting not working in mobile


I am currently working on creating a guest login. I am using WAP 571 Cisco device. I created the SSID with guest authentication.

i am having issues.

1. When the user connect with guest-wifi it should redirect to my custom page in where i welcome the user.I have added the redirect url in the captive portal but in android/mobile devices it is not redirecting. It is just connecting to the wifi.




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I hope you are using DHCP server in your Network to provide the IP address to the wireless clients, so on the DHCP pool you can use that DNS. Also on your Router WAN interface (via which the WAP is connected) you may use that DNS.

I'm just guessing here. Some mobile phones have to options to improve the Wi-Fi throughput by augmenting it with the 4G connection. Is there a chance that this option is enabled and the phone is bypassing the Wi-Fi in favor of the 4G, at least for the DNS?

Did you try taking DNS out of the picture by using the real private IP address instead of by name?  


It will be better to test the redirection by disabling the ‘Mobile Data’ option on the Phone and using Wi-Fi only to conclude.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have verified the redirection on the old android version 7.1.1 (with Samsung make Phone) and the latest android version 9.x (with Xiaomi make phone) and redirection is working fine on both the cases. I was using ‘’ as the redirection page.

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