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CBW 240AC and Android

Hi All


In the process of 'upgrading' from WAP571s to the new Small Business APs. We have a 240AC as our Master. All devices reconnected without issue except for the sole Android phone we have, which happens to be mine!


Having spent days working it through I have just reset to factory defaults the phone and it was still unable to connect. I've created a new SSID on one of the existing WAP571's and the Android device connects instantly. Before resetting, the Android device was still able to connect to other wireless networks.


Having now read online stories of other APs causing issues with Android has anyone else got the new APs working with Android? Its a Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact on Android 10.


The 240 is on the latest code available for it and trying to connect using a static IP on the phone doesn't resolve the issue.




Today we received a new 240AC and a couple of Mesh extenders.

We have now confirmed that you can only use an extender to create a WiFi backhaul. The Cisco pre-sales docs say you can mix and match APs and Extenders and I have specifically read that you can backhaul between APs. Which you can, but only over the wired Ethernet connection.


We are still unable to connect, now, multiple Android devices to any of this new Cisco kit.


Utterly disappointed, it's al going back and we've ordered a pair of NetGear MK62 which will give us the advantage of WiFi6.


As someone who has sworn by Cisco kit for decades seriously unimpressed, and likewise that given this is new product that no one from Cisco has commented on this thread. My advice would be to give it a go, but at the merest hint of a problem stop your losses instantly and go elsewhere.



Cisco Employee

Hi Russ,


I apologize for the delay in responding. I run CBW in my home and I had an issue with my android (Pixel 3) until I deactivated the VPN that was included with my cell service (Google Fi). Which would also reconnect without notification which lead to further confusion. Are you running a VPN on your device while connecting?



No VPN in use, and connection now proved possible when a custom SSID is created without WPA. So open authentication with either guest network or MAC white-listing allows the devices to connect.

I'm glad you were able to gain access and thank you for sharing details on mitigation. If you run into any further issues please feel free to reach out to TAC for additional assistance.

Hi Corey,


This issue is in no way fixed and I'm concerned that you think the process above, of using MAC address whitelist filtering on an open SSID, is a fix.


In addition to Android devices, we now have a Windows 10 device that will not connect to the secure wireless SSIDs. We have upgraded to the recent firmware release.


The NetGear continues to have none of these issues.


I didn't think TAC supported Small Business, especially without a contract?



Run through this guide thoroughly, see if anything helps. Would be especially thorough to make any/all changes one-by-one, power-cycling equipment in between, seeing if anything improves after each change.

But I would generally advise to make all recommended changes.

Would need to know quite a bit more about your current service set (i.e. SSID/s) configuration before this could be troubleshooted further. And yes, even though all clients but one, now two, seem to connect without issue. It sounds like there's quite a bit more going on than just that.

Hi Russ,


TAC does indeed support Small Business -


1 866 606 1866


The link provided by CyberConsultants would also be beneficial to run through.




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