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Cisco WAP 2000 will not allow IMAP

We purchased a Cisco WAP 2000 unit several weeks ago. I have had a few complaints that people could not send or receive email on it. I finally started an investigation on this with a guest who has an Apple Ipad. Sure enough she could surf the web and download music and all but neither her ".ME" account or her Gmail account would work. Upon further investigation I found her Ipad uses IMAP. I had to do an internet search for the correct ports and all. I took my Dell laptop and set up one of my Gmail accounts with IMAP and was able to do everything on our corporate network I downloaded email sent email and all. When I took the laptop over and connected to that access point nothing! I could not even look at my Gmail inbox. Now Exchange works ok and so does POP3 but no IMAP. I have never heard of this before. Now the Cisco WAP2000 uses the same internet connection as the other network and goes through the same firewall. I am not blocking IMAP or any IMAP ports. I am guessing that WAP2000 is not allowing IMAP to pass through.

Has anyone out there experienced this before? Is there a way to fix it?

Thank you.

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Re: Cisco WAP 2000 will not allow IMAP

At the advice of Cisco support I changed the wireless encryption from 64 bit WEP to WPA. I attempted to connect to my gmail account with IMAP and it seems to work. I was able to look at my inbox and send email. I will have to watch this over the next couple weeks to see if it is a fix. Most of the people who connect through this access point are using Mac hardware so I will have to see what happens there.