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Cisco WAP4410n Access Connection Problems


In a bit of a pickle and not sure which way to turn as I think I have exhausted all possibilities.

We currently have 2 Cisco WAP4410n wireless access points running within our network.  They are both on version firmware and both on a static ip address within our infrastructure.

They are configured as:

WAP4410n 1:

AP Mode: Access Point (default)

Security: WPA Personal TKIP Channel 6

WAP4410n 2:

AP Mode: Wireless WDS Repeater

Security: WPA Personal TKIP Channel 6

Identical SSID and password.

We have around 25 users all within range of the Access Points working happily for the most of the time.  Even the seamless switch over works well too.   The problem I have is that occasionally around once a day the internet goes offline for everyone.  They remain connected to the Access Point just not able to connect to the internet.  All machines connecting to it are of Windows 7 HP laptops.  To resolve the issue I have to restart the Access Points which immediatley makes everything working again until the next day.

The times are all up and down too, so not a timing issue.

Hope you can help.

Many Thanks in advance.

Rising star

Cisco WAP4410n

Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center. Thank you for using the Cisco Community Post Forums.

We have seen this issue before. Please call into our Support Center and let one of our answering engineers work with you on this. When you call please have the serial number for the units and your Cisco User ID available,



Eric Moyers

Cisco Network Support Engineer

SBSC Wireless and Surveillance SME

CCNA, CCNA-Wireless



Cisco WAP4410n


We have the latest firmware on the Cisco WAP4410n access points - that were procured just about a month back.

We are facing frequent disconnect issues with the Access Points. Only a reboot of the AP resolves the issue. We opened a support case on Cisco and went through all the settings - including changing channels, advanced settings with the support team.

The issue still persists. Is there a hardware issue with the 4410n's ..

Going through the many support forum discussions - have realised that this issue seems to be bogging many users since the introduction of the product.

Request Cisco to look into this .. our confidence level on Cisco AP's is fast diminshing.


Ravi Khanchandani

Cisco WAP4410n


Thanks for your responses, after a few phone calls to support I finally got a result (Well its worked so far and its our 3rd day without a drop in connection).

Here are the settings that the Cisco Support Centre asked me to configure.

On both the Access Point and Repeater:

Change to Channel 1

Set the Security Key Renewal to 36000

Change Security Encryption to WPA2

On just the Access Point:

Change the CTS Protection to Auto

Enable Wireles Connection Control

Enable Force Lan Port Speed

Hope this fixes the problems for you too... Ill post back in a week or so to update if still working.

Thanks Again!


Re: Cisco WAP4410n Access Connection Problems

I bought 6 units of this model and none is stable. Internet connection drops and worst, it no longer connects the clients

to internet. Bad access point.

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco WAP4410n Access Connection Problems

Hello Ronald,

Can you please reach out to our Small Business Support Center and open a Service Request to address this issue? One of our Engineers may be able to work with you and diagnose the root cause. You can find the appropriate contact information for SBSC in the below link.



Cisco WAP4410n

I have many headache with this AP, so basically I change it!

Look this

Best Regards

Cisco WAP4410n


Well I'm now 4 months further down the line and after a new version update i'm still having issues,  Granted they are not as frequent but they are still happening.

Around once every other week I still have to restart the machines now, and at least once a month I can't even connect to the access point to restart it so have to hard reset it by reseating the plug socket.

Also the seamless switch over has started to fail quite alot to the point where the connectivity to the second unit is none existent.

I'm now running version on trail for cisco and I really cant see there being any light at the end of the tunnel for this issue.

Cisco WAP4410n Access Connection Problems

Have you had any luck resolving this issue? I am yet another customer plagued by this terrible product. I have 3 clients running multiple units and every single one off them have problems as everyone describes. Only solutions is to power cycle the unit, but it's getting quite embarassing asking my clients to just unplug and plug it back in once their employees start complaining.

Rising star

Cisco WAP4410n Access Connection Problems

Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center. Thank you for using the Cisco Community Post Forums.

I can say with absolute certainty, that I completely understand the frustration and headaches that all of you are having with these units. As a Support Engineer, we on the front lines here at Cisco feel your pain. As much as you want the units fixed and working we want that just as much for you.

With that said, the development team has still been working on this issue and has never stopped with each beta that was released up to now it kept whittling down the number of units that were being effected.

Again I have been made aware of a new beta that is becoming available. So far the results have been very positive. I have a meeting today with Level 2, that controls and distributes that beta. I will be talking to them to get feedback on its success and will pass that along to you as soon as I know something. Which should be sometime today or first thing in the morning.

The WAP4410N is a great unit with lots of features, once this issue with disconnections is fixed, and I truly believe that it will be, It will again become one of our best selling units.

If anyone ever needs or wants to reach out to me personally, mouse over my picture and you will find my e-mail address.


Eric Moyers    .:|:.:|:.

Cisco Small Business US STAC Advanced Support Engineer

CCNA, CCNA-Wireless


Mon - Fri 09:00 - 18:00 (UTC - 05:00)

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Cisco WAP4410n Access Connection Problems


Is there any update regarding the release of the "BETA" firmware that you mentioned in June?  I have a V1 WAP4410N that continues to have the random lockup issues.

This is even after doing multiple factory resets & trying different firmware versions.  It seems to be worse when I have multiple "entertainment" devices (Wii, PS3, & XBOX360) attempting to connect via WiFi at the same time.



Cisco WAP4410n Access Connection Problems

Pff, i do not get happy with all the problems i find on the web with this device.

I just got 3 WAP4410N this week and all three have the same problem. Dropping connection.

one is setup at home. The outher 2 on a differant location.

I looked at the signal with inSSIDer and found out that when de dropping begins the channel is changed with an aditional channel. ?? But the device is configuerd with one channel only. example 6 and it will show up also with channel 2.

at this point all connections drop and connecting is not posible anymore.

I tried everythin.  But nothing works.

Software Version:

Is there a solution? if not I will sent them back to the shop.

Please help. I adviced this device (2 pieces) to a friend and boutgot h one my self as well. I  used the WAP200 for 3 years with out any problems. I wanted more speed but this device is useless.


Cisco WAP4410n Access Connection Problems

Hello Eric,

Where can I find the lastest firmware update you are refering to? The last one released on Cisco's website is from Jan 2013. Are the Betas finallized?

Re: Cisco WAP4410n Access Connection Problems

Hi everyone,

I have the same problem with 2 WAP4410N since 1 year.

The problem appear every 2 weeks on average.

i have 2 acces point in bridge configuration WPA2 security powered by POE.

i have upgrade with all firmware release since june 2012 and the problem don't corrected.

i tested with most configuration and no found solution.

i will follow this thread.