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Cisco WAP571 Firmware : Breaks Spectrum Analyzer (and debug code left in)


Hi Cisco,

Firstly, release notes for the new are quite brief and I have already found 2 new features that have made it into the release that are undocumented (sneaky!)

Secondly, I think Spectrum Analysis is now broken and I get a screen stating it's "Connecting to sensor: port:57780" but that is not an IP on my network.. I have a sneaky feeling someone left some debug code in ;-).

Only Things Release Notes Claim To Have Touched:

- Support of Cisco FindIt Network Management
- Support Russia SKU
- Support English/French/Chinese/German Online Help
- CSCva28888- WAP571: Some egress packets from tagged VLAN are untagged
- CSCux49554 - When using MAC OS connect to CiscoSB-Setup, a page pops up but fails to login.

Undocumented Changes I Have Actually Spotted:

 - "Associated Clients" now lists hostnames (nice!)

 - Spectrum Analyzer now supports "Hybrid Spectrum Analyzer" which allows clients to still connect at reduced throughput. to is quite a jump of version numbers so I suspect a lot of details got left out in the release notes... I'm sure there were more changes I didn't spot too!

Also I note on LocalAPChart.html source "<!-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet -->"


Smart developers always View Source.

This application was built using Adobe Flex, an open source framework
for building rich Internet applications that get delivered via the
Flash Player or to desktops via Adobe AIR.

Learn more about Flex at

I have a feeling someone didn't mean to leave those in.. but I must admit I do like being called smart ;-).

Please can someone provide updated release notes and fix the spectrum analysis?

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I've analysed the flash file and it includes "" as a hard-coded address. I raised a ticket with Cisco and they confirmed it was working for them.

I've worked out it's the usage of a hostname I am using that causes the flash file to fail and it causes it to fall back on the "" address (which will never succeed).

Now fixed in newly released firmware V1.0.10, thanks Cisco :)

Michiel Beenen

Anyone else here seeing less throughput with this firmware compared to
When opening web pages it loads a lot slower. On its super fast for me.

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