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Client problems with AP541N



I have problems with a newly installed AP541N wireless network, seems that I'm not the only one, but the threads I have been looking at doesn't seem to have exctly the same problem


  • Windows XP, Windows 7 and Apple OSX client computers. (in that order)
  • Standalone computers, No AD
  • Outsourced desktop environment, Citrix

Wireless setup

Three SSID:s

  • Guest access (open network, auth is handled by the firewall)
  • WPA2 with preshared-key
  • WPA2 enterprise (802.1x) With a Windows IAS server with a dummy account just to test if pre-auth solves the problem.

The network is very simple with a firewall providing two VLAN:s, the internal network and the guest network. Cisco Switches are used. The access points are connected to a 2960 PoE switch. The Acess points have the most recent software released in April.

The environment is a one-floor office with a U-shaped central corridor. Some open spaces with lot of workers exist. The placement of the access points has been done with effort to minimize cells; they are placed inside rooms rather than in the corridor to minimize interference. There are other networks around (The office is a part of a large complex) There are about 50 clients.


  • Clients are cut off from the network. They are not disassociated from the access points, the traffic just stops, making the Citrix sessions freeze.
  • The clients are often not connected to the closest access point. They can have an access points more or less straight over their head but the client associates with an access points further away, which gives poor bandwidth/performance.

Apple users seem to have less problems, but I have seen the loss-of-traffic on my iphone.

What we have tested

  • Decreasing transmit power to make the cells smaller
  • Pre-auth. More or less the same problem. A bugger to set up on Windows XP too.
  • Removing some access points makes things better, but not good enough. We get a coverage penalty here too.

Somehow I get the feeling that we have bought equipment that doesn’t stand up to our needs, but I hope I am wrong and can get some help to get this working.

Thank you,


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We have disconnected/shut down some of the AP:s wich made things a bit better, but not good. I have also checked if the access points change frequency, but they had been using the same frequency for 23 days.

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