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Does AP541N Virtual Access Points (VAP) Require a Layer 3 Switch

Purchased the AP541N access point because it supports configuring multiple virtual access points.  Have the SSID default on VLAN 1 and the SSID guest on VLAN 28.  The AP541N is configured with the IP, this is on the VLAN 1 network.  VLAN 28 is network

The AP541N is connected to a 3550 SMI switch, the port defaults to VLAN 1.  Connecting to SSID default works great.  Connecting to SSID guest establishes connectivity with the AP, but DHCP does not assign an IP address.  DHCP is dished out from an 1800 series router.  The 1800 is connected to the 3550 switch using switchport mode access on the switch port interface.  The 1800 router interface has both interface FastEthernet0/1.1 and interface FastEthernet0/1.28 defined, with encapsulation dot1q and ip address defined for each.

I can modify the 3550 port that the AP541N is connected to, inplement switchport access vlan 28 to change the port from VLAN1 to VLAN28, attach my laptop using DHCP, and get connected to VLAN 28.  Can ping and bring up webpages from servers on VLAN1.  So it appears the connectivity between the switch and the router is functional.

However, connecting the AP541N to the switch with IP address and the port is configured to use VLAN1, I cannot get to VLAN28 using the SSID guest network.  Tried specifying switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q on the 3550 port that the AP connects to, but this doesn't seem to help because the AP is still configured with a VLAN1 IP address.

Any suggestions?  Does someone have a working configuration of VAP and could share the environment?



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Re: Does AP541N Virtual Access Points (VAP) Require a Layer 3 Sw

No you don't need a layer 3 switch with the AP541N but you will need to put that port in trunk mode, of course you will have your native vlan 1 and all other tagged vlans needs to accepted by the cisco switch, which also need to be trunked to a router giving DHCP.Please give SBSC a call if you need further support on this matter 1-866-606-1866