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Error fetching network with same SSID, different floors


I would like help from you, because I have a problem and I can not detect.

I have six devices installed in the WAP model 4410N on two different floors, and a third on each floor.

Both are with the same SSID, but when I'm walking him on a quest equipment that is in another floor, which causes the machine to drop the connection due to fluctuations and barriers such as walls, doors, windows, elevators, etc. .. .

I wonder how to detect only the AP network of walking even with the same SSID.

VLAN use one at each andaar.

If you have any suggestions thank you.

thank you


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Error fetching network with same SSID, different floors


Can you please rephrase your question. I could not understand it.

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Error fetching network with same SSID, different floors

Hi Anderson,

It sounds like you have 5 access point in standalone and 5 SSID broadcasting but you can't know the difference between which SSID is good depending where you are at.

If you can use any of the AP as a repeater (you may repeat 2 additional ap), when the signal strength of the original connection is low enough, it should fall to the more powerful strength of the repeated SSID.

Additionally, if you'd like to use more than 3 AP in a repeater group, you may want to look in to something like the AP541N. These devices support clustering, up to 10 units.

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