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Feedback for forum: WAP4410N lock ups - how we fixed!

Hi All,

Our organisation struggled for the past 12 months with 6 x WAP4410N devices in our small office environment - configured as access points, same ssid, separate channels, no interference. Our errors consisted of:

1. Random lockups, up to 3 times a day - requiring reboot to fix

2. Not passing on DHCP requests - requiring reboot to fix

3. Some wireless devices unable to ever make a successful connect

Over this 12 month period we upgraded firmware, last  being, applied tips from this forum, and also opened cases with Cisco - we ended up resorting to 4 reboots per day for each device to get some productivity out of these access points.

Start of this month we contacted Eric Moyers, Cisco Engineer who monitors this forum, who assisted with opening a new Cisco case. This case was escalated immediately, beta firmware provided and tested, feedback provided as still same failures. Cisco then provided the option of full refund on all 6 devices which we accepted - provided proof of purchase (original invoices). We then purchased 6 x WAP321  inconjunction with advice from Eric - slighly more expensive than the WAP4410N, however we could have gone with WAP121's.

10 days ago we implemented the WAP321's, configuration so simple, and have had absolutely 100% trouble free success - no lockups, dropouts, refusing connections and every wireless device we have successfully connects.

I hope this information can help those of you who struggle for resolution of WAP4410N  issues - raising a case is easy with Cisco, testing by Cisco support quick, refund painless and deployment of WAP321s simple. My management is extrememly happy with the outcome. If you want to contact Eric you will see his regular posts here and he even lists his direct email address.

Kindest regards,

Dale Bentley

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