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home office set up cisco 850 and wet200

Forgive me if the question isn’t worded properly, im new to networks . J

I have a networking question regarding a network setup for a home office.

The internet connection is provided by broadband (no authentication required), So previously, the home office had a wireless router doing the job.

We now have a cisco 850 router and a wet200 wireless bridge at our disposal.

I want to be able to extend the wireless networks to the far end of the house, and i think the WET200 will do it.


Q1) I think, I still need an additional router, or use the old router, to make the initial connection to the internet, and I think I need to put it into bridged mode, then connect the cisco 850 to it. Is that correct?

Q2)so, from my limited understanding, I can configure the cisco 850 router as a wireless router, than use the cisco WET200 wireless bridge to extend the network. Does that sound correct?



Any help appreciated.


Dear Customer,

Thank you for reaching Small Business Support Community.

A1) If your Cisco850 router is capable on terminating your ISP internet connection, then you won't need an additional router.  Let's say your Cisco850 is a ADSL router (Cisco857W)  and your ISP provides you the same connection type then the Cisco router is good to go unless your ISP recommends different, but for example they require you to use a ADSL or Cable modem to terminate their connection or your Cisco router does not have an ADSL WAN interface; then you setup the Cisco router in bridge mode.

In order to get assistance setting up the Cisco850 in bridge mode, if recommended by your ISP, or if you require assistance configuring the ADSL or cable settings provided by your ISP on the Cisco router, I suggest you open a TAC case or a new forum post with the proper support team;

A2) If your Cisco850 router is a 851W or 857W model, then you setup the wireless configuration as instructed by the support channels I mentioned above or router admin guide, and set the WAP200 access point in "Repeater mode" based on the admin guide, page 34;

If your Cisco router is not a wireless router, then you can follow chapter 5 and 6 of the same WAP200 admin guide for a step by step instructions to setup the Access Point correctly.

I hope you find this information useful and please do not hesitate to reach me back if there is anything else I may assist you with.

Kind regards,

Jeffrey Rodriguez S. .:|:.:|:.
Cisco Customer Support Engineer

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Jeffrey Rodriguez S. .:|:.:|:. Cisco Customer Support Engineer *Please rate the Post so other will know when an answer has been found.
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You should be able to connect the 850 to your ISP modem and use it as the router/gateway. Then connect the old wireless router to the 850 LAN to LAN. (Ignore the WAN or internet port on the wireless router)

You will want to set a static IP address on the wireless router that is in the same LAN as the 850 for management purposes. Disable DHCP and allow the 850 to provide IP addresses to the network. You can leave your wireless settings as they were.

The WET200 is a wireless bridge, not an access point. It will not broadcast the wireless signal or repeat it. It is a wireless client with a built-in switch. It will convert the wireless signal from the wireless router back to a wired signal at the other end of the house. You could of course plug an access point into it if you wish to create a wireless network there.

Please reply if you have any questions.

- Marty