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Hensell Harris

How many AP541s are supported directly in a UC560 deployment?

Does Cisco have an official number of how many AP541s are supported directly by a UC560?  these are standalones and I know they are configured in a max of 10 to a cluster, but how many clusters can you have?  We are looking at a hospital installation with one UC560 and 25 AP541s.



David Hornstein
Rising star

Hi Hensell,

Small questions can sometimes be most interesting to think about.

I have been told in the past, and you are correct in your comment, that a cluster must be no more than ten AP 500's within the same cluster.

But a Layer 2 LAN broadcast domain, spread over multiple managed switches,  can house many clusters.

For the cluster members to communicate, APs must be able to communicate over the same management VLAN.

They will exchange configuration information and other information.

Having said all this,  I would doubt if you wanted to manage all twenty-five AP via the default data VLAN. 

If it were my UC560, I would create another vlan on the UC560 for the purposes of allowing the 25 AP's to create appropriate clusters and get an  IP address.  It maybe that cluster members will reside on different POE switches.

There is a wifi deployment guide for UC500, but for a good reason doesn't mention the numbers of AP's you can have on the network. It is worthwhile discussing  engineering the solution of this with your trusted Cisco Partner.

Personally, if engineered correctly, i can see no real issue with multiple clusters in a hospital environment.

Dave Hornstein

Cisco Systems Engineer

Research Triangle Park

Raleigh NC


Hello Hensell,

While I agree with what Dave has stated, I have found documentation that states:

From 1 to 10 external AP541N access points can be deployed. Each AP

provides an additional 16 Wi-Fi voice clients (up to a maximum of 48),

50Wi-Fi data clients, and 2500 square feet of coverage area (232 square


The information is on page 26 of the document and is a senario configuration of a "Larger Office".

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