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Illegal SSID name issues with WAP2000 firmware

I have previously reported Illegal SSID name issues with WAP2000 firmware, which were supposed to be fixed in

First there is the issue of spaces in the SSID name. When you use them, the firmware shows an "Illegal SSID Name!" error message (which does not make clear why the SSID name is illegal). The error message is now "The SSID Name includes blank symbols is illegal!", which is not a proper English sentence, and "spaces" would have been more clear than "blank symbols".

However, I still think that the firmware should allow spaces in an SSID name. "My Wireless Network" is a perfectly legal SSID name! The response I got last time was "Although the standard itself doesn't exclude values, the NULL string is prevented due to the potential for harm." .. I don't see what harm a space would cause.

All our networks contain spaces in their name, and if we want to add another SSID we still have to first downgrade all access points to, add the SSID, and then upgrade all 18 access points back to, which is annoying.

Then there is the maximum length issue. In you could enter 32 characters in all SSID fields, but if you did so in the first SSID you would get the same "Illegal SSID Name!" error, again without making clear why.

The "fix" in is to only allow 31 characters in all SSID fields, which is dead wrong, it should allow 32 characaters in all SSID fields, and not cause an error if you do so in any of these fields.

Why is it so hard for Cisco to produce firmware that is compliant with the IEEE 802.11 standard with respect to the SSID.

Cisco Employee

Hello Intern Support -- And thanks for participating in the Community. I've discussed this issue with Product Engineering and am sharing their response:

The "Illegal SSID Name!" error message will be updated in next release and will be changed to "The SSID Name including spaces (i.e. blank symbols) is illegal in this AP implementation! ". Thank you for the input.

As for the potential harm, according to some customer experiences, as well as our software baseline requirement study, "space" on SSID name will have some risks. For example, if my office announces a normal wireless SSID for Guest/Visitor, it's named "VIP". But if some guys set others AP that SSID name is "VIP ", "V I P" or " VIP" , it's too similar to"VIP". It might cause Wireless Station to associate an illegal AP unless the correct one used the encryption mode.

Thanks again for sharing your concerns and special thanks for choosing Cisco Small Business.

Stephanie Reaves

Cisco Small Business Technology Group