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Issue with WAP2000 Firmware?

On behallf of a partner:

Our customer is using multiple WAP2000s and having connectivity issues.  At one point it discusses that they fear firmware has something majorly wrong with it.  Please confirm what steps can be taken to escalate this issue so it gets addressed and resolved this week. They have contacted the SB TAC and have gotten no resolution, except to say that iPhone is the issue. Email thread follow from bottom up:


I have a customer that purchased 9 of these.  He is fine with everything but iphones and occasional laptops not being able to connect to this.  Customer has tried to contact support but they keep telling him an Apple problem.  Is there something about this product that is a problem that I don’t know about?

There is no security on the network.  No WPA, no WEP, nothing... it's wide open.  I'm certain I went over this with someone at some point....

On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 2:11 PM, Eric Moyers <> wrote:

We do not physically have a unit here at this support center. I wish that we did. There was an incident where one of the antennas was broken and we are waiting on a replacement to get here.

Another option that you can check is will the devices connect with no security the wireless network. If so then try lowering the security.


I guess the question remains (and the answer that I haven't heard yet) is if you guys pulled one of these out and tried it or not.

On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 1:50 PM, Eric Moyers <> wrote:

I knew the WAP’s didn’t do N, just was unsure if the Apple device were N or G.

As far as the revision goes the major change was giving it a Cisco brand feel.


Well, my iPhone and my wife's iPod touch don't do N.  And for that matter, the WAP2000's don't do N either.  I guess that I will have to try down-grading the firmware... that's a really big leap though... to go from a major revision 2 to a major revision 1....

On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 12:04 PM, Eric Moyers <> wrote:

Mr. Baughman, After the conference call that I was on, the main question that the other engineers had for this issue was if you could confirm that the Apple devices that were trying to connect, were trying to connect on just a N signal or if they were open to G signals as well. If they are looking for an N signal only that could keep them from connecting.

The version below your version is 1.0.16. You could try that version to see if that is better.

I am sorry but the best and only answer I really can give is that the WAP2000 hands out DHCP addresses with a G signal. If that G signal is being picked up by a wireless device and some devices can connect and others cannot, the issue has to lay with the devices that cannot.

There is no configuration within the WAP’s that limits which devices can and cannot attach to the WAP except for wireless connection control and as long as that is disabled then any potential wireless client can connect to the WAP2000 with the right security if that is enabled.

As much as I hate pushing off, I would also ping Apple and see if they have any insight on this. But for this issue we do not believe that the problem lies with the WAP2000.


Just an update... I just got off the phone with the hotel manager who said she had several complaints this morning about iPhone connectivity.

Also, I had a call from a guest last night who said his laptop was doing the same thing... making a connection, getting an IP, and dropping it about 5 seconds later.  Fortunately, a reboot and a couple of tweaks to his wireless settings got him on, but I *really* think that the firmware has something majorly wrong with it.

Is there a or something that I can downgrade to that would resolve this?  Have you been able to get one onto a bench?  I *must* get this resolved this week, or I will probably lose my contracts with these hotels, and that's not cool at all.

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 5:24 PM, Greg Baughman <> wrote:

OK... well, the other hotel just placed their order for a bunch more of these units, to be installed this weekend.... so it's becoming a pretty high priority (at least in my world).



I believe I have norrowed down the issue.  See my post titled "WAP2000/WAP200 Blackberry Storm 2 ARP Broadcast Issue" and my response to "WAP2000 and iPhone connectivity issues?"

Essentially, I think it is an issue with the WAP2000 (and WAP200) not handling ARP broadcast traffic properly.

Was this issue in firmware versions prior to 2 . 0 . 0 . 5?  If so, is there a way to revert back to the prior firmware version?  If so, what link will get that infiormation?  And what updates were included in version that they would loose by reverting back to the prior version.

In this customer's application, the network has temporary users that are always changing.  So the work around of adding MAC addresses is not an option.

Thanks for your help and input.

Way to go, Steve!

Art Schertz


National Accounts

Cisco Systems


So, not to be a noodge.... but I have 9 more of these that I will be installing tomorrow morning... have we verified that the OLD firmward doesn't do this, or is there a fix in the works?

My backup plan is to go to the ones I installed a week ago and roll back the firmware... if that seems to solve the problem, then I will be rolling back the firmware on all of them, including the ones that I have to install.

Steve...I realize that the static MAC table is not a practicle solution but I was

hoping it would lead to the root cause and, ultimately, a solution.

Has there been a resolution to this? I'm running a number of these in several places. I'm seeing similar issues. It is very disappointing.


I have a different issue but I'm really disappointed with the WAP2000 firmware (or maybe I'm just unlucky).

There's no way my clients can roam "decently" from 1 AP to another. I don't expect seamless hand-offs but this is pushing it. It takes between 30 and 60 seconds to roam... (of course, same SSID, same security settings - eg. Open Systems, etc, etc.). I tried everything and there's no way to make it work a tad faster. I setup other, cheaper APs such as WAP54G and WRT54G and they all work great with DD-WRT firmware (seamless handoffs: even less than 1 sec. and VoIP usually not disrupted). So I'm really puzzled and wondering if it may have something related with this post.

I'm using v which I believe is GPL (

Maybe I should downgrade to v.1 but it seems that the only change in v.2 is cosmetic.

And I don't think I can flash the device with DD-WRT or OpenWRT or any other (doesn't seem to be supported).



I'm hoping the latest firmware does something for this. The release notes talk about a that was released on July 14th. Now, a month later, that firmware seems to remain unavailable. The release notes still mention it ... along with the release date. Help?

Hi Matthew -- WAP2000 firmware v  has just posted. See:

Thanks for participating in the community.

Stephanie Reaves

Cisco Small Business


Is there any data on it solving the ARP issue or not?

Any particular reason it has a July 14th released date but is only today up for download?


Hello everyone,

I'm new, I registered to see if there is any new information about this problem.  My company has invested in three of these to use with wireless scanners for a Warehouse Management system.  However we are having issues simalar to the ones described in this thread, there is no security however we have configured the connection control to only allow these 16 scanners, all A/P's have the same settings to allow roaming, yet users are still getting a connection error with good signal from A/P.  I've noticed that quite a few people are having issues like ours and the ones described in this thread, and firmware updates have been suggested, however no one has said if this has fixed the problem, and I don't see it in the release notes.

Any information that you could provide would be helpful.  As I'm hesitant to try a firmware update on these production A/P's because of possible ramifications.


Ethan King