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issues with Cisco WAP371 Access Points

Hello all,


for ages we are using Cisco AP's but since a few months we do have some seroius problems with the Cisco WAP371.

Loosing connection, wireless connection poor etc.

We installed the latest firmware but still experience some problems.

Ipads loosing connection, iphones loosing connection. Some AP's seem to have no connection at all.


At 1 particular customer site we did create a cluster with 4 AP's. Detection is poor.

i want to try if Roque AP detection is helping.

What is best practice to use Roque AP detection.


I trusted my AP's.


What do i have to do?





We have installed also a Cluster with 4 APs, same Problems here.

We had much more Problems with the 1.2 Firmware, therefore we are using the Firmware


Do you use WPA Enterprise?


It looks like the WAP371 Firmware is just a big Joke...

This is issue is probably coming from MFP.

Under Wireless -> Networks go to Security, disable WPA-TKIP and then check MFP: Not Required

I have seen this issue come up quite a bit with all wireless clients but specifically apple has been more prominent.

Let me know if that helps.

Eric Moyers
.:|:.:|:. CISCO | Cisco Presales Technical Support | Wireless Subject Matter Expert

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Hi lzi000001,

I was wondering if you still have issues with your WAP371 APs. I am about to install one or two of these devices in a restaurant serving (1) a guest acces SSID with a customised captive portal and (2) a secure SSID for the internal wireless ordering system. 

I need it to be stable, fast and versatile. For that reason I want a WAP371, nevertheless... many many reports on dropped connections on iOS devices etc...

Since I can't find any recent reports (no forum updates form Cisco or complaining customers....) did Apple fix this issue? Did all the issues suddenly disappear?

Any feedback would be appreciated.