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Linksys wrt54g disconnection problem after giving print command to network printer

Hi all,

I am dealing with a small network mixed with wired and wireless network.

With wire network we are using ip address range-

With wifi network we are using ip address range

A network printer (HP laserjet 1320) with ip address -

For wifi, i am using LINKSYS WRT54G v2.2 router

Static ip of Linksys router is

Local ip of linksys router is

DHCP enabled.

Operating Mode - GATEWAY

Whenever we use this network printer via wired network, print gets successful, but the problem is, when we give print using wifi network, the wifi gets disconnected for a minuted then connected, but printout failed. I have checked all settings, routing table is proper and wifi is in gateway mode. I think when the wifi network disconnected, the WAN led stops blinking, and glowing continously.

Please help to get out this, what is the issue with the configuration.


Forgot to mention the wireless channel - 6-2.437 GHz

Do you have already tried a different firmware?

There is also non official Cisco-Linksys firmware like DD-WRT.


No, i havn't tried different firmware.

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

Wrong forum, post in "small business - routers". You can move your post using the actions panel on the right".


One thing i have observed, then whenever i am giving suppose a word document with typing only few words or a single dot, the document is printed with no network disconnection via wifi router,, but when giving a print to a document have some matter in pages, then disconnection happens.

Clayton Sill

Hello Kiran,

So it sounds like you are treating the WRT54G as a AP on your network? You may want to run a program called inssider to help determine the best wireless channel to use in the location of the WRT54G. I would say look in the logs of the WRT (don't remember if it has logging) or see if the printer has any logging to see if it is giving any errors that could help out.

When you are not able to print are you able to ping the printer from the wireless network? Are you able to access anything else on the network or ping anything else on the network? Do you actually get kicked off the wireless when this issue happens or do you lose communication to the network?

It also may help to post this question on the linksys forums since this is a consumer router and they give support on the device.