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Logging issue w/WAP4410N (firmware 2.0.5)


Hey everyone, I was given instructions to get the log settings on the WAP4410N with the 2.0.5 firmware to stick.  I verified they work and here are the steps I performed:

1)  login
2)  click on "administration"
3)  click on "log"
4)  check the boxes for "Unauthorized Login Attempt", "System Error Messages", "Authorized Login" and "Configuration Changes"
5)  Click on "save"
5)  click on "wireless"
6)  click on "save"
7)  click on "administration"
8)  click on "reboot"
9)  click on "yes" radio button
10) click on "save"
11) wait for reboot
12) login
13) click on "administration"
14) click on "log"
15) Verify settings

Hope this helps




Intuitive? No.

Wild and Wacky? Yes!

After my upgrade and hand rebuild last night, I was compiling a list of stuff to report on, but the other thread seems to have covered most of it. This was my first pet peeve, as my only record of what goes on is my splunk server receiving syslogs. Thanks for the info, I wonder what the user manual would look like with this update?

Other observations:

- Some mispellings fixed in the saved config file, like the Pirmary DNS becoming Primary DNS. Still many other bad spellings. I must assume this makes using config files from different firmware revs would cause funny stuff?

- GUI does look nice, but omygawd dija have to use frames? And having to expand each category each time is a pain. At least before all was laid out to see. What's funny is that it looks just like the DLink firmware upgrade of a couple of years ago.

- Hasn't crashed yet, but it's only been 16 hours.

- As I mentioned in other thread, Cisco does not acknowledge any of the stated issues in the release notes for And there is a in evidence in the powerpoint explaining how to make an exported config actually restorable. (Which, btw, is yet another Wild and Wacky thing to have to do...)

So, ONCE AGAIN, I ask Cisco to make a forward looking statement on the future of these devices. Is it bad hardware? Can the firmware be fixed, not just gussied up so it's all perty? I saw from the other thread that units being delivered with are still hardware rev.12, so that's not an option yet.

This new firmware version is more than just a GUI change, it also contains a new wireless chipset driver, which got a mention at the top of the release note.  This new driver revision fixes many of the reported wireless issues.  Also, you can see the release note is dated 5/18, which is more than likely why the recent known issues were not stated.  This f/w release took a while to get to public due to new (to us) processes and moving forward the process should be much smoother.

Since there was a major GUI change, it's best to restore factory defaults after the f/w upgrade to establish a clean slate with a new config file.

You stated the AP has been up continuously for 16 hours now, please let us know if that changes.


Do you have any news about WAP4410N issues?

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