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Saman Shamim

Multiple AP541s and Data Roaming

Hi guys,

Here is what we have:

- 1 UC500

- 1 Switch

- 3 AP541's connected to the switch called AP1, AP2, AP3.

Here is what we want:

- Just the data on the wireless, no voice.

- Single SSID

- Seamless roaming between APs for the clients.

Here is what I ask:

- What is the best solution to have roaming? AP Clustering?

PS: Here is what I wanted to do originally:

Configure switch access ports to VLAN 10, 20 and 30. Trunk switch to UC500. Create wireless VLAN 10 for AP1 with SSID Data, VLAN 20 for AP2 with the same SSID and VLAN 30 for AP3 with the same SSID. Create 3 sub-interfaces and 3 DHCPs on the UC500. I know AP clustering won't work in this case because APs are in different subnets. Does this AP541 able to let inter-vlan/inter-subnet roaming somehow?


AP541 aren't for roaming, a wireless controller is the better product for that type of solution. Clustering simply allows you to configure one AP and have that configuration duplicated across the multiple access points.

Had bad experiences with AP541, but my assumption would be it can support multiple SSIDs on different VLANs, but check with Cisco on that.

With the AP541, as you move between APs, you will briefly drop until the next AP picks you up so no roaming between.

Thanks Michael.

I really would prefer to use a controller but the client has tight budget. 

By the way this is what I read about clustering from here:

Cisco Small Business Pro AP541N access points support AP clustering, which provides controller-like capabilities that support client-based roaming.

I also read about something called WDS from here:

The Wireless Distribution System (WDS) allows you to connect multiple access points. With WDS, access points communicate with one another without wires in a standardized way. This capability is critical in providing a seamless experience for roaming clients and for managing multiple wireless networks.

WDS really does not have anything to do with what you described unless you need to extend APs where there are no wires.

As for roaming, I think the key word is "like". I would suggest you test the "roaming" and see how it works for your client. If the wireless device has to move between APs without dropping, this not the solution. If you simply need coverage then this might be the solution. Most data pplication can survive a drop during movement between APs unlike voice.