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Need help with WAP4410N as AP / WDS repeater

Hello everyone

I have 4 WAP4410N sitting here to set up a 3 story wifi network. Since the WAP4410N is advertised as being able to work as a WDS repeater, I thought this might be a good product to allow users (only a handful of clients, around 4 or 5 at a time) to roam the building. To keep matters simple, I first tried to deploy only two APs:

I have deployed one WAP4410N as AP in a central location, and I'm actually very happy with the area it covers all by itself.

The first AP (Version:        is configured as follows:

- Static IP, connected to wired network

- AP Mode: Access Point, allow wireless signal to be repeated by: wireless MAC of second WAP4410

- B/G/N Mixed, Channel 6, one SSID

- WPA-Personal with TKIP, Isolation is off

The second AP (Version:        is configured as follows:

- Another static IP, no ethernet connection

- AP Mode:  Wireless WDS Repeater,                        Remote Access Point's MAC Address: wireless MAC of first WAP4410

- B/G/N Mixed, Channel 6, same SSID

- WPA-Personal with TKIP, Isolation is off

This configuration did not work. Clients could associate with both AP's, but when connected to the repeater, no packets are routed, thus no IP via DHCP etc. Funny enough, about once per 20-25 reboots, traffic was routed just fine, and the test client was actually roaming from one AP to the other for a few minutes - but the magic was gone after the next AP reboot.

I spent the weekend (need time slots when nobody is working ...) trying just about every possible configuration to get this to work:

- Different channels

- Other WPA security (we cannot go WEP or unencrypted)

- Wired MAC address instead of wireless one

- Different wireless network modes (B, G, N) ...

I saw a beta firmware mentioned that could be a glimmer of hope here... where can I find it? Or can anyone shed light on the question if there are actually successful deployments of this configuration anywhere? In the forums, I see the same question popping up again and again.

Of course, the manual is frustratingly silent on any useful details about the subject, and the admin interface itself is not very helpful either. I still have hope though, that there must be a way to get this up and running, or else the device wouldn't have a "WDS repeater" mode, would it??

I'm stuck and desperate, any help is greatly appreciated.. even someone saying "yes, it works for me" would be something.

Thanks everyone!


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Re: Need help with WAP4410N as AP / WDS repeater

Hi Martin,

Thank you for posting. To obtain the beta firmware you will need to open a case with Small Business Support and ask for the case to be escalated to L2. They will provide a beta firmware agreement and once you agree they will give you access to the beta firmware. You can find a contact number for Small Business Support at the following page:


Re: Need help with WAP4410N as AP / WDS repeater

Thanks for the pointer, mpyhala

I have opened a support case and sent my syslogs, but have not heard back yet...


Re: Need help with WAP4410N as AP / WDS repeater

I had exactly the same problem as you describe - using wep fixed things (you could try it just to test) and changing channels (say to channel 11) might help.

The only long term fix was the beta firmware however..