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Planning wi-fi network for Business [50+ pcs]

Hi guys!

In April the company where I work will move to another place. The manager, for budget purposes,

would like to build a free-cable network, based on wireless.

The situation:

We have about 50 computers, connected via cable to a switch. There is not big traffic on the net. The client

are mainly used for Word application. No internet connection, no Voip, no video streaming.

Only few, but frequent, byte exchanges.

I'm a bit worried by using a wireless infrastructure. I heard are unstable and not the best with dozens of simultanous

connections. What do you think?

For now, considering the low budget, I planned to use an AP CISCO WAP4410N with other 3-4 Rage Extenders for

cover the offices.

What do you think?


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Re: Planning wi-fi network for Business [50+ pcs]

I'm using a wap4410n as an ap with a single identical wap4410n as a range extender (wds repeater).

There are only about 7 clients in total, but the range extender will not work reliably with wpa2 encryption. It will however work reliably with wep 128 bit encryption.

Cisco are helping me with this issue, but it's not yet fixed.


Re: Planning wi-fi network for Business [50+ pcs]

I'm only afraid of the number of connection the network will have to mantain.

I think this wap4410n it's for office-home purpose, isn't it?

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Re: Planning wi-fi network for Business [50+ pcs]

Hey Guys,

Wireless although it has a ton of convenience, is very unstable.  There are many different things that can play havoc on a wireless network, like the building itself.  If you walls are concrete or brick, the signal will be very tough going through the walls.  Any type of metal obstructions will not allow wireless to go through.  Anything on the 2.4 ghz bandwidth can interfere with the network.  Other wireless networks on the same channel can interfere with your network.

Another thing to look at is the connections, you saying 50.  With that you will need multiple Access Points along the network to allow those connections and they will have to be setup in a cluster or with a wireless controller for seamless roaming from access point to access point.

One last thing about wireless, it is a half - duplex connection, meaning when one packet is going through the access point the others have to wait for it before they can send.

So wireless although it is convenient, it is one collision domain and it is like plugging everyone into a hub and hoping for the best.

Thats my thoughts, I hope it helps you out.


Re: Planning wi-fi network for Business [50+ pcs]

thanks everyone.

I exposed all this to the managers but they decided to 'try'. So after 7 days of problems

and 1000usd of wifi dongle, rage extenders etc. tell me to build a wired network...

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Re: Planning wi-fi network for Business [50+ pcs]

1000usd of wifi dongle, rage extenders

Oh my ... Good luck!


Re: Planning wi-fi network for Business [50+ pcs]

Wireless networks are a convenience but will not provide the performance and reliability of a wired LAN with switches.  Each Access Point operates like an ethernet hub., there is only one radio shared with all the users associated with it.   There are also interference problems.  Be sure there are no microwave ovens around! My suggestion is to deploy a wired network, but also have a wireless network for convenience.