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Problems with WAP371 AP's

Ok, so I have a set up of eight WAP 371 in single point setup, and four different wireless networks configured in each radio (4 in 2.4GHZ and 4 in 5GHZ). Problem is that after a few hours of work devices stop connecting to the AP's. If the radio is deactivated and reactivated, devices start to connect again. Of course, rebooting the AP also causes the devices to reconnect. Seems there's a problem in the radio firmware! There's no correlation with the devices that stop conncecting, it's completely random.


What can I do?

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Re: Problems with WAP371 AP's

First of all, check if your firmware is up to date, sounds like a firmware bug.
You find the current version here:

Re: Problems with WAP371 AP's

I believe the current version *is* the problem.


The only way my wireless network doesn't lock out users with authentication failures every other day has involved me to turning off SNMP, discovery and single point setup. since the last feature is the one that got turned off last, it's probably the culprit.


Exporting the configurations and comparing the xml is what I'm left with to keep the important bits synchronized, but even that's weak since those files come out with the tags in different order for each device. the AP's have the same firmware and near consecutive serial numbers, so it's not different versions at play. I've reset and rebuilt from scratch recently too, same issue.