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"SSID Broadcast" not allowing "Disabled" setting after firmware upgrade to

We are experiencing issues when we flashed from firmware on our Cisco Small Business WAP4410n to the recently released This is a brand new unit that we received. After flashing from, if the SSID Broadcast is set to "Disabled" before the flash. it will not send out any signal after the flash. Although, if SSID Broadcast is set to "Enabled", it will send out a signal after flashing from to

We have tried factory defaulting when on firmware, then setting SSID Broadcast to Disabled, then flashing to and it will not send out any type of signal (after manually creating a network profile, for example). It seems as if the WAP does not want to function in without having to broadcast the SSID.

In a recap, when running with SSID Broadcast turned off (Disabled) - everything works fine and the WAP functions with the broadcast turned off. After we flash to, with the same configuration, the WAP will no longer function with the SSID Broadcast set to Disabled.

Even factory defaulting while on, setting SSID Broadcast to disabled, then flashing to, it will not function.

Is there any known bugs with SSID Broadcast and will this be fixed in the next firmware upgrade? We are forced to stay on for our Hidden Broadcast WAP's currently, which is not acceptable.

Any input is appreciated!