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Re: Windows 7 Wireless WRV210 QuickVPN

I tried some of the troubleshooting options and I'm able to get their QuickVPN V1.3.0.3 software to load and install. I haven't had time to verify that it actually works but it looks like from the previous post it does. Keep in mind that even if you can get the program to install and run there may be other configuration issues with the router or firewall that you'll have to configure to get everything working.

It's sad that people have to jump through hoops to get something working that should be easy for the manufacturer to have just done right and on time in the first place. At minimum you'd think a big networking company like Cisco could provide this work around. I'm mad at Dell for even offering this product as on option with a Windows 7 computer since it's not Win 7 compatible. I've told my Dell rep this since complaints are the only way they'll try to make things better.

I'm annoyed at how often people will respond that something works in a message but won't give precise details about what they did, so here are the steps I followed to install to a Win 7 ultimate, 32 bit box.

The steps to install QuickVPN on Windows 7: (note that similar steps can be tried to load and install any Windows 7 incompatible program).

1. Right click the setup.exe and select "Troubleshoot compatibility".

2. Select the "Troubleshoot program" option.

3. Check the "The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won't install or run now", then hit "Next".

4. It'll ask which version of Windows this program worked with before. Select "Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)" and hit "Next"

5. Click "Start the program" and continue on with the install.

6. Once it's installed try running the Quick VPN. You'll get an error about it requiring Windows 2000 or XP. (Note that even the Cisco error message is wrong since this version will also work with Vista). To get around the error message you'll have to reconfigure the properties of the program...

7. Right click the QuickVPN Client in your Windows Start menu (or whatever it's called now in Win 7) and select "Properties".

8. Select the "Compatibility" tab. Under Compatibility mode check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and choose "Windows Vista (Service Pack 2), then hit OK.

9. Now when you run the program it'll actually load rather then give you an error message. As mentioned earlier I haven't tested that it actually works, but I'd expect it will.

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