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RV120W DHCP keeps dying

My company just purchased this router for my home office for the purpose of connecting to multiple office locations.

I put this router on my network at about 6pm, several machines connected to it and and were given IPs.

About 5 hours later I powered up another machine and it would not get an IP address until I rebooted the router.

This morning at about 5am I rebooted my SIP phone and it would not grab an IP either, not until I rebooted the router.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

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Re: RV120W DHCP keeps dying

Also having issues with the wireless connection dropping. Things were fine with encryption turned off but once configured, the connection becamse unstable on my laptop. On my iPhone it worked for a little while and then when the connection dropped it tried to reconnect and would no longer accept the password. The same password that works for the laptop. Does not seem to matter what encryption type either. Not sure if this router is just not ready for prime time or if I have a bad unit.


Re: RV120W DHCP keeps dying

RMAd the router, no longer have these issues.


Re: RV120W DHCP keeps dying

No longer had the DHCP issue but still had the pretty much non stop issues every one else is reporting.

Getting page cannot be displayed, even on pages like Google. Happened to all machines, regardless of DHCP settings.

Slow WAN performance.

I have FiOS, with this router in place VOD is unwatchable. Does not matter what rules are setup. Using the DMZ, adding QoS rules, nothing matters.

Tech Support was not any help either, they tried but this router just has some serious design issues. I have spent a TON of time working on these issues and trying different configs.

Put the old WRT54G in there and all the problems disappear..

I needed the multiple VPN tunnels though so I had to build my own firewall with an old workstation and pfSense.

That works but I really would prefer a router that uses far less power.