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Setting up guest network using WAP321 and ASA 5505

Hello all,

Hoping someone can help. I have a brand new WAP321 that I have plugged into port 0/7 of my ASA 5505 for LAN access and using PoE. My goal is to be able to use this WAP for a Private network access and Guest internet access. I understand i have to do something on the ASA 5505 to make this happen. On the WAP i followd the wizard to create a guest network but and used VLAN2 instead of 1 and I guess that is where my problem is. Can someone help me witt the ASA 5505 setup. I think I need to setup a DMZ? I have a base license and only using 0/0 and 0/1 interfaces. 0/0 for WAN and 0/1 for LAN. Step by step instructions and configs would help on both the ASA and WAP321. Thanks,

Jimmy K                  

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Setting up guest network using WAP321 and ASA 5505

Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center. Thank you for using the Cisco Community Post Forums.

I strictly work with the Small Business side and with WAP321s. So I can not help directly with the ASA, but can give you some things to think about and look at.

In general to get your guest network up and running you did the right thing with the WAP321. VLANs are how you are going to separate the guest traffic from your internal traffic.

Now on the ASA side you will have to set up VLANs as well. (If you have a bad license for the ASA not sure if you will be able to create vlans on it.)

One thing you might could do and again just theory on my part Since the ASA cant do VLANs or trunking without lic. but can do single ports, have two ports on ASA, one for internal one for guest. Then get managed switch, (Cheaper than ASA license) setup trunking to WAP321 then access port to ASA for Internal and then access port to ASA for guest.

Again this is just theory and there might be a little more configuring than what I have laid out here but it gives you the gist of it.

Hope it helps.


Eric Moyers    .:|:.:|:.

Cisco Small Business US STAC Advanced Support Engineer

CCNA, CCNA-Wireless


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