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Setup a WISP with a AP541N Wireless Access Point

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are one of the on growing local Internet Service Provider (ISP); we recently planned to expand our SME into Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) with establishing wide range system technology within our community.

As we have mentioned about our planning to implement Wi-Fi in our Local Area, which covers an Area of (3-4) Km. Therefore while acquiring information about versatile products of various companies we came to know about Cisco Products. So we are thinking to use the “Cisco Small Business Pro AP541N Wireless Access Point” for our project. We want to use three High-Gain 120 Degree Base Station External “Sector Antenna” with three 5.8GHz Bi-Directional Outdoor PoE Wi-Fi Amplifier. For planning ahead we need to have some approximate accurate and clear information about some the following Categories of your specific products. The following queries were placed in the following about the Cisco AP541N Wireless Access Point:

  • •1. What would be the approximate coverage radius or range if we don’t use External Antenna with “Cisco Small Business Pro AP541N Wireless Access Point” except the three (3) built-in Antennas?
  • •2. What would be the approximate coverage radius or range if we use High-Gain External Sector Antenna with the “Cisco Small Business Pro AP541N Wireless Access Point”? Please do specify in Kilometer or Meter of the approximate coverage.
  • •3. The numbers of users can connect to the network at the same time or is there any kind’s limitation.
  • •4. Should we have to use 802.11n applications High-Gain External Sector Antenna for the best performance rather than 802.11a/b/g applications High-Gain External Sector Antenna?
  • •5. To full fill my maximum coverage around 2-3 Km in radius how much milliWATT or WATT 5.8GHz Outdoor PoE Wi-Fi Amplifier we have to use and how much dBi the High-Gain External Sector Antenna should be?
  • •6. Can I further extend my coverage later by using Range Extender or Repeater?

So the Cisco Product which we decide to take in account would be the suitable for us or unless please recommend us which will be the best for our preferable to our project.

It will be our cordial request to accept this application and our queries about your products and to give us quick feedback.


Eric Moyers
Rising star

Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center.

For an endeavor as large as becoming a Wireless Internet Service Provider, as I am sure you know requires lots planning and investment.

Due to the fact that environmental conditions and building materials impact the range and performance of wireless products, Determining coverage is often difficult to answer without being very vague. With this said I believe that the best first step would be to have a wireless site survey completed and consider working with an antenna provider.

Also with the scope of the project that you are considering I would feel more comfortable recommending that you look at and consider Enterprise level equipment.

Here is a link that would be a great starting point:

This may be another link you could find helpful:

If we can help in any other way please let us know.

Eric Moyers

Cisco Network Support Engineer


Thanks for your feedback Eric Moyers. I am totally agreed with your opinions. As you say to go through the Enterprise Level Equipment’s, I did that so. While acquiring information about the various kinds of Wireless Mesh Access Points products now we came to Cisco Aironet 1550 Series. So now can we use the “Cisco Aironet 1552E” for our project? If yes, then we like to do that.

Here is a link:

I have also seen some External Antennas on the Cisco site.

Cisco Aironet 17-dBi Sector Antenna (AIR-ANT5117S-N)

Here is a link:


Cisco Aironet 14-dBi Vertically Polarized Sector Antenna (AIR-ANT2414S-R)

Here is a link:

These are 90 Degree Sector Antennas. It has a H-Plane Radiation Pattern

And a E-Plane Radiation Pattern

On a Product Data Sheet I have seen various kinds of antennas details. One of the Antenna is “Cisco Aironet 14-dBi Vertically Polarized Sector Antenna (AIR-ANT2414S-R)”. On the data sheet they specify that it’s for Outdoor long range point-to-multipoint applications.

Approximate Range at 2 Mbps*                    :16.71 miles (26.89 km)

Approximate Range at 11 Mbps*                    :8.89 miles (14.30 km)   

Approximate Range at 54 Mbps*              :1.26 miles (2.02 km)

* All range estimations are based on use of a BR 1310 access point and the same type of antenna at each end of the connection under ideal outdoor conditions. The distances referenced here are approximations and should be used for estimation purposes only.

Cisco Aironet 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Antennas and Accessories.

Here is the link of the page:

So now the above Product which we have selected would be suitable for us or unless please recommend us which will be the right one for our deployment.

Tahsin Islam


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