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Supported access points for the rv220w

I need to extend my wireless coverage to another building.  What access points, in repeater mode, will the rv220w support?  I need an AP with detachable antennas.  I have an external mounted antenna on the metal building that I need to hook the AP to.  Thanks!

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Supported access points for the rv220w

Hi R. B, thank you for using our forum, my name is Luis I am part of the Small business Support community. As far I know the RV120W and the RV220W uses the same chipsets, so they could be used for WDS bridge setup.

For your second point the RV120W has antennas and you could remove them. Bellow you will see the review of the RV120W.

I hope you find this answer useful


Luis Arias.

Cisco Network Support Engineer.


Supported access points for the rv220w

Page 77 of the Administration Guide for the RV220W notes: "WDS works with only RV120W and RV220W."

It would seem to follow that the only equipment we can successfully use to wirelessly expand the range of of our existing RV220W is either another RV220W or an RV120W.

Before we purchase additional equipment, can you please confirm (with more certainty than "it should okay as far as I know") which products are required for us to expand?

For example, do we need both an RV120W and a WAP121?
Or, can we merely install an RV120W?

Thank you for your attention to this issue.


Re: Supported access points for the rv220w

Hello R. B.,

Thank for reaching us out at the Support Community Forum. As Louis said, you may have to configure a work bridge the connection between RV220/120/110 and access point. I suggest to go with wap321 or wap121. They both have that feature.


Vijay S. Venkitachalam

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I have a similar question.  I

I have a similar question.  

I have the RV220w as my main router and have a spare WAP4410N wireless access point.  I would like to use the access point as a repeater.  Can you please provide clear steps for both units to configure this.  I have tried everything with no success at this point.  Both Router and WAP have the current firmware.  

It's important that it be seamless.  same SSID same password 


Sure hope someone can help!