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WAP 581 suddently resets to factory

Our network is mainly cisco devices with the exception of the Firewall


The structure basically a MDF, IDF2 and IDF3. IDF2 and IDF3 connect to MDF by fiber independently.


IDF2 has two switch (1x SG200-26P and 1x SF300-48P), three WAP581 connect to this room.

IDF3 hast one switch (1x SG200-26P), three WAP581 connect to this room


We are experiencing some unexplained behavior with our WAP581s, they are brand new and all have been Cluster, each with respectively priority and one IP to manage the cluster. Some have been resetting back to factory default by themselves.


We have some suspicious that is related to some sort of PoE issues but the behavior is not happening with all. Most commonly its only happening to the APs connected to SG200-26P. Thus we think it might be the SG200 switch causing it however we don't know why or how?


Have anyone experience a behavior like this?