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WAP121 signal coverage and repeater or range extender device compatible

Dear All,



- I built new Wi-Fi network with 70 devices (AP WAP121), at our hotel, inside the corridors of guests' rooms.

- All AP connected to switches Cisco POE, and all Switches connected to Core Cisco switch, connected to DSL Router.


Coverage Problem

- The AP is working very good at corridors (as you have line of sight), but once i enter to a guest room the signal became very weak.



Is there any Radio Settings may i use to enhance the signal coverage?

What is the network repeater or range extender device from Cisco is compatible with Cisco AP WAP121?


Ramy Girgis

IT Manager

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Ramy,The tough part about


The tough part about corridor coverage is that the rooms near the AP will get good or have okay coverage, but other rooms further away will not.  Placement of access points are the key to a good wifi, not just adding more AP's to the network.  Site survey is always and important step in a good wifi experience none the least.  Having said that, adding repeater or signal boosters, will increase the signal to room possible, but the signal will not be very useful.  There is a saying, "It's like a father and some throwing a football, the father can throw it to the son, but the son may not be able to throw it back to the father."  Using high gain and or boosters, the AP can send its signal out, but the signal from the client might not ever get back.

Cisco has the 700w, that would work well in your environment, but you would need a WLC.  This can maybe be placed in every other room, if you have enough in your budget.  

You need to weigh in cost and what you want to provide to your customers.  I don't like the WAP121's to be honest and prefer in mid to enterprise customers, they use the higher end Cisco wireless technology.

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