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WAP150 can't remember RADIUS server key after upgrade to firmware

Hi everyone


We have a few WAP150's hanging around, and to fix the issue of the gateway not being used proparly we're upgrading the firmware, carefully. An issue came up: we use 2 NPS's as radius servers for 2 different networks. One network (VAP1) uses global RADIUS settings, and works. The other one (VAP3) has it's RADIUS server defined in the Wireless -> Networks page, by clicking the eye next to 'WPA Enterprise'. After the firmware upgrade from, I made an alteration to another VAP wich uses WPA Personal, and couldn't save the changes; an error message popped up, saying there was no key defined for the RADIUS server of VAP3. I checked by clicking the eye next to 'WPA Enterprise' for VAP3 and the key was gone. If i retype the key and save, the key isn't there anymore when I open the settings page again by clicking the eye next to 'WPA Enterprise'. This wireless network won't work and I can't make any changes to any other wireless networks, unless I disable the VAP3 network altogether.

Is this a bug in firmware, or am I missing something?


Thanks in advance!