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WAP200 and entry for primary dns cannot be 0 and 255

I have a wap200 with a static ipaddress e.g. (it is for management and is in vlan 1). Firmware of the wap is No gw and no dns. (they are not necessary) I export the config . I have a second wap200 and import the config.bin to the new wap. ThenI like to change the static address and the name of the new wap, but - and this is the problem - it asks me to fill out the dns (the address for primary dns cannot be 0 and 255), but I absolutely don't want that because there is no dns or gw (management only). And if I fill it out I cannot go the the internet with the wap.

So I also have some other wap200 where I could import the config.bin and change the static ip without giving a dns (firmware

So my question is: can I go back to a previous firmware (Europe) and where can I find it. Looked for it, but seeing only the last one etsi.

Or is there another method to skip the dns with a static ipaddress?

many many thanks in advance.



Is there no one with a solution? Old firmware?

Hi Kurt -- Thanks for participating in the Community. Please contact me directly (streaves at cisco dot com) regarding the previous firmware version.


Stephanie Reaves

Cisco Small Business

Hello Stephanie,

If you’ve received this mail twice, you can delete one of them. It was not the intention.

Best regards,

Kurt Stichelmans

Goodmorning Stephanie,

First a great thanks for replying to my question.

For explaining my situation I ‘ll try to give you a full view.

I have 3 vlans configured on the network through a Motorola wireless ws5100 switch . Vlan 1 ( management, vlan 2 ( for the public, vlan 3( for internal users only.

I have 4 wap200 configured of which one is having trouble. I configured the other three as follow: starting, connecting, giving it an ipaddress in the management vlan and upgraded the firmware from version 2.0.1 to 2.0.4. When I connect to the wireless ssid “public” I get an ipaddress from the range 172.20.176.x. When I connect to the ssid “internal users” I get an ip from the range 10.63.128.x and when I connect to the ssid “management” I get an ip from the range 192.168.249.x. The last one is only for management so I can not go to the internet from here (which is ok), from the other two I can go to the internet as wished and the two ssid’s can not communicate which each other as wished.

Important: the ipaddress of the wap200 has an ipaddress with no dns input (no dns is needed so..)

With the fourth one I did first a firmware upgrade and I imported the config of another wap200 (one of the first three). Then I wanted to reconfigure the wap (ipaddress) but when I change the ipaddress and click on save I have to give also a dnsentry. (When I do this with the other wap200 it’s asking me also a dnsentry, so it must be the firmware). When I give a dns entry I cannot go to the internet with ssid “public” nor “internal user”.

So what I thought is to go back to firmware 2.0.1 and then import the config of another wap200. So I can change the ipaddress without the need of a dnsentry. After that I can upgrade to the last firmware. And job done.

Hope you can help me to make the situation usable.

Kind regards

Kurt Stichelmans