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WAP2000 connection to remote office

We have a WAP2000 that supports a few wireless users in a shop environment.  Users authenticate using RADIUS.  Users connect without issue and can browse the Internet.

The main local network uses a Cisco 800 router to connect to the Internet via DSL and there is an IPsec VPN tunnel to our main office.

When a user is connected to the network via a wired connection, all systems work as expected.  If they are on wireless,  they cannot connect to services at the main office. They must make a PPTP VPN connection for applications to function.

Any thought as to what would be creating this issue?

The WAP2000 has the latest firmware  It has a static IP on the local subnet.

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Re: WAP2000 connection to remote office

I haven't heard of any problems like this with the WAP2000 but with limited information it would be hard to determine the cause of the problem.

Please provide more information like

Topology view


Ip address/subnet mask/gateways of the products.

packet captures

Also in situation, you would want to mirror the port that WAP2000 in plugged into to another port running wire shark so you can capture packets. This way you can verify that the packets are is making out of the Access point. Then we should be able to see the return of those packets back to host.

more information the better!


Jason Bryant

Cisco Support Engineer.


Re: WAP2000 connection to remote office

Here is some additional info.

Local network is 10.10.124.x

Subnet mask is

Default gateway is (Cisco 800 series)

IPs for clients are presently being given by Cisco 800-Will be moving to Win 2003 server

IPsec VPN to Cisco


IP is

Default gateway is

Primary DNS  (Win 2003 server on local network)

Secondary DNS (Win 2003 server at main office)

No VLANS are configured

HP Procurve gigabit switch- No spare ports at this time to mirror.

Riverbed Steelhead WAN accelerator