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WAP200E unstable Bridge


I am having trouble with an pair of WAP200E's.

The bridge between them stalls, found that one of the AP wireless LED don't show any activity.

After powercycle the stalled AP, the bridge works again for a day or two.

Have tried to replace the AP's still the same issue

Firmware is 1.20a



Can we know how you connect the two WAP200E

together? What is the network topology?



The topology, well a wireless brigde between two buildings.




I see that you're getting support from Linksys Support on this issue now. If you have any more questions, please let us know, otherwise we'll assume that they were able to take care of it. Thanks.


I have (nearly) the same problem.

Customer site, two Wap200e accesspoints, providing access to two Motorola MC 9090 mobile computers.

In about two days the mobile computers cannot connect to the access points (both!), a reset of the access points solves the problem for now....

Scanning wireless networks (when the mobile computers have no connections) does not show the wireless network, others are there.

The firmare is updated to the latest 1.20a with no results.

The strange part: two access points with exactly the same problem...

By the way, the need to reset the access points every two days is not acceptable...

Well I agree, had the same problems with several pairs of WAP220E

Hope Linksys will find an solution.


Frequent Contributor


Have you opened a Linksys support case for this as well? This is probably your best option. If you have any questions about how to do so, please let me know.

Thank you,

Cisco Moderation Team

Alain Bergeron


I am also experiencing a loss of communication over a bridge connection.

Using two WAP200Es to connect an IP camera up a tower.

The WAP on the tower fails, I can't ping it. If I power cycle the WAP it the signal from the camera comes back.

Is the problem with the WAP or the POE injector?




With these bridges there is a lot of things that could interfere with these devices.  What I would focus on first would be the wireless environment.  Maybe do a wireless scan using an analysis program like InSSider to see if possibly there is any interference wirelessly.  The reason i say that, the device works when powercycled so the injector seems to be working.

I would also make sure the firmware is at the latest and hard code the channel and not leave it to auto settings.

Hi Alain -- Thanks for participating in the Community. Can you please respond with your firmware version?


Stephanie Reaves
Cisco Small Business

Hi Stephanie/David,

We are currently using firmware version, I know it's not the latest version, but due to the location of the AP, I would not like to risk losing the APs due to a bad firmware upgrade. That being said, if you think the upgrade would really help with my issue then we will upgrade.

I had my 3 APs using auto channel, but changed it to fix channel last Friday (also did a scan with inSSIDer to confirm no external interference). But on Saturday morning we lost one of the communication link.

I'm using the APs to link up 2 IP cameras back to an office. One AP is used as a base unit (in the office) and the two other units are located approx 400' (150m) away. I have clear line of sight with both APs and I am confident that we have enough margin to reach both APs. That being said, we keep losing one communication link and a power cycle of either camera's AP or the main AP returns the link into service, but typically only for a short time.

Would you have other suggestions as to where I could look?



Hi Alain -- I just sent you a private message regarding this issue. Please check your inbox.


Stephanie Reaves

Hi Stephanie,

I hope you are well!

we have a similar case with two APs (WAP200e) setup in bridge mode at a very close range. the link is dropping every 2-3-4 days.

do you have a solution to this problem. if yes please advice!

thanks in Advance


Hi Aris -- Thanks for participating in the Small Business Support Community. I think your best bet is to reach out to the Small Business Support Center. Check this link for a list of international phone numbers.


Stephanie Reaves

Cisco Small Business

Dear all,

I contact you since I have bought wo WAP200E devices that I try to configurate so that they communicate together and the result is a very instable connexion. The link si settled up but the performances are very poor no matter the application tested: http, ftp or content streaming. sometimes the traffic is even interrupted. The devices are located one in front of the other at less than 2 meters away so it is not a question of coverage.

I have tested several communication channels with the same result

Additionally, when I connect these wireless bridges to internet behind a CISCO router RVS4000, the second bridge (the one connected to the main access point) cannoteven access Internet.

could you provide some support on the required configuration?

Many thanks for your help,